How to Organize a Speed Dating Party

by Pilar Ethridge
Throw a speed-dating party for less than $10.

Throw a speed-dating party for less than $10.

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If you've got single friends who like to have fun and are open to meeting new people, consider throwing a speed-dating party. Everyone should have a blast with the quick question-and-answer format, and you'll get the credit should a love connection grow from the gathering. This is a no-frills type of event that will require little setup, just a few supplies and virtually no cleaning up afterward.

Items you will need

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • List of questions
  • Timer
Step 1

Set up a long table in the center of a room. If you don't have a long table, line up several smaller tables to create one. Place the same number of chairs on either side of the table so that guests can sit across from each other.

Step 2

Think of some funny, quirky questions that you, as host, will ask to facilitate conversation between the people paired up on either side of the table. Avoid vague questions like "What do you do?" Instead, think of questions that will reveal the person's personality like "What's your dream job?" or "What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?" Also avoid questions that are sex-related or otherwise too personal.

Step 3

Assign party guests to groups in order to create match-ups. For instance, place all the women who are interested in men in Group 1. Place all the men who are interested in women in Group 2. Create as many groups as necessary, taking into account everyone's interests. During the party, you will have Group 1 sitting on one side of the table, with the corresponding group, or Group 2, on the other side.

Step 4

Start playing. Read aloud one question that each person from Group 1 will answer. Inform your guests that they may deviate from the question as long as they can wrap it up within three minutes. Set your timer for three minutes. Once the three minutes is up, read a second question for Group 2 to answer, and again set the timer at three minutes. Each six-minute question-and-answer session constitutes a single round.

Step 5

Ask the guests in Group 1 to stand up and move one space to the left at the end of the round. Group 2 should stay seated so that the same two people do not speed date again. Once everyone in Group 1 is seated across from someone new, read a new question aloud, and start the three-minute timer again.

Step 6

Continue facilitating conversation round after round. You can determine how many rounds to do based on the number of guests. If necessary, you can provide breaks between rounds so that guests can mingle freely, have drinks or use the restroom.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have an odd number of guests, ask that one person sit out each round. The person sitting out can help choose questions to read aloud or simply take a break.

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