Open House Baby Shower Games

by Goody Clairenstein
Host an easygoing open house baby shower.

Host an easygoing open house baby shower.

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At an open house baby shower, guests can come and go during a window of time set by the hosts. Open house baby shower games need a little more flexibility than traditional baby shower party games, to allow guests to be able to drop in and join in as they arrive. An open house baby shower can be great for mothers-to-be who can take a day off to celebrate the new baby's arrival with friends and family at their leisure.

Guess Who Game

As guests arrive, give them a party hat that has a sticker attached identifying them as a baby-themed person or object. Possible secret identities could be new mom, new dad, baby boy, baby girl, bouncy seat, baby bottle, crib, grandpa or grandma. Make sure the guests don't see the identity on their hat before they put it on. While the guest is at the baby shower, he or she can ask questions of other guests to try and guess what his or her secret identity is. This is a game that anyone can join at any time, making it great for open house showers.

Pass the Present

For this open house shower game, you'll need small gifts. Gift certificates for a small amount -- say, $15 or $25 -- to a multipurpose department store like Target are a crowd pleaser. More inexpensive shower favors you can use include baby-themed candy or bath products. Conceal the small gift in a bag or cloth napkin and secure. At the beginning of your open house, set a timer to go off in 30-minute intervals. Hand a wrapped gift to a guest and instruct them to pass it on at their leisure and to instruct others to do the same. When the timer goes off, whoever holds the gift gets to keep it and a new gift can be circulated for the next 30-minute interval. This game can be continued for the duration of the open house shower.

Command Cards

Prepare a set of 20 or so index cards with various imperatives, ranging from the silly to the selfless. Choose commands along the lines of "do a goofy dance for at least 15 seconds," "ask someone's daughter what book she's reading," and "offer the mother-to-be a foot rub." Give each guest a card as they arrive and let them know that they have to execute the task at some point while they are at the shower -- they can also choose not to participate if they prefer, of course. Once guests leave the shower, return their command card to the deck to be given to the next guest. Then let the entertainment begin while everyone loosens up and shows their silly side to lend a lighthearted mood to the open house shower.

Guest Book Decorating

For this game you'll need a blank guest book -- a traditional baby shower guest book will work great or you could get a large piece of cardstock, cut it into a baby shower-themed shape and mount it in an accessible position on the wall. Place a basket of markers and stickers on a table next to the guest book. As guests arrive, direct them to the guest book to write down their well wishes for the parents and new baby. This is an open house baby shower activity that everyone can participate in at any time and once the open house is done, you'll have a wonderful book or poster of memories as a keepsake.

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