Online Baby Shower Game Ideas

by Marilla Mulwane
Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a new arrival.

Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a new arrival.

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When people gather together to celebrate a new birth and spoil the mother with gifts, games tend to be involved. Games are a baby shower necessity. They make the party fun and keep the guests laughing. While many people choose to play traditional games, the Internet and new technology make it possible to play different baby shower games. The Internet also makes it easier to find baby shower games and print any materials needed for the games.

Phone Apps

Baby shower games are now available for download on cellphones. I-Volution has one called The Baby Shower Game. The host of the baby shower downloads the app on the phone. Teams are chosen, and the host runs the game on the phone. The game has trivia, scavenger hunts, charades and drawing games. All the host has to do is read what the App says and the teams are off to win. Another example of a baby shower phone App is with the iPhone App called Art Bellies Pocket. The App lets people take pictures and then turn the picture into a work of art. At the baby shower, each guest can take a picture of the expecting mother and create artwork to e-mail to the mother as a keepsake.

Printable Games

Baby shower games are easier to put together when a website does all the work. Many websites, such as Baby Shower 101, have printable baby shower games. Some of the printable games available online include Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Shower Word Scramble, Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game and How Well Do You Know Mommy. Simply print enough copies for every guest, as well as the rules and answers, if necessary. Hand out the pages, a few pencils and let the games begin.

Personalized Games

When purchasing baby shower games online, they can be personalized with the mother-to-be's name or other information. Online stores, such as Baby Shower Stuff, sell games that can be personalized. There is usually a minimum number of games that must be ordered to get personalization. Some of the games available include the Baby Shower Drinking game, Dirty Diaper Game and a set of five games in one. Each game comes in pink, blue or green.

Traditional Games

Many traditional baby shower games can be found online. Websites such as Baby Shower 101 have lists of games, how to play and any props that are required. There is nothing wrong with sticking with the classic games. Make the guests try to dress a baby doll while wearing gloves. Pass around a tray of baby objects and make guests write down how many they remember. Sing karaoke songs with the word "baby" in them, but guests lose if they sing the word.

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