Olympics Party Decorating Ideas

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Capture the excitment of the Olympics with your event.

Capture the excitment of the Olympics with your event.

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While getting to the actual Olympics will likely prove just a dream for many, partying like an Olympian can be a reality. When the next Olympics approaches, allow your friends and family members the opportunity to join in the Olympic-themed fun, regardless of how much they may lack athletic skill. When planning your bash, prepare decorations that scream Olympic-games, making your setting feel like a scene from the televised Olympics themselves.

Ring Backdrop

The Olympics logo showing interlocking rings is unarguably the most recognizable symbol of the games. Create your own interlocking rings by covering hula hoops with paper or tape in different hues. Lay the hula hoops out in an overlapping pattern, similar to the one found in the Olympic ring design and use hot glue to connect them in this overlapping fashion. Attach them to your wall with a sturdy adhesive. Or purchase poster board in each of these hues, and cut out rings, placing them on a dominant wall in your space.

Torch Centerpieces

Create mood lighting to reflect the Olympic theme of your event by crafting torch centerpieces. Purchase battery-powered lights, and turn them into glowing torches by using paper towel tubes to serve as the bases, and place the lights atop them. Then use tissue paper in orange, red and yellow to create flames. Place these centerpiece torches in clear glass vases to hold them up. Right before guests arrive, turn on the lights to create your desired lighting.

Flags of the World

The Olympics is all about people of the world coming together in friendly competition. Reflect this unifying aspect of the Olympic games by hanging flags of the world around your space. Print enlarged versions of these flags on paper for an affordable way to display these symbolic flags around your space. If you seek a more elegant display, use fabric flags in place of paper ones.

Olympic Photo Opportunity

Create the opportunity for your guests to step into the shoes of Olympians by creating an Olympic photo opportunity at your party. Create a backdrop that reflects one of the sports featured at the Olympics, such as a mountain backdrop to represent skiing. To create this backdrop, paint the scene on a white bed sheet or locate a similar image and enlarge it at a copy processing center. Then hang the large image on a wall. Gather an assortment of Olympic-themed costume pieces that your guests could step into or gear that they could grab. Invite your guests to take turns standing in front of the backdrop and posing for their pictures. Take these images with a digital camera so that you can print them out for guests to take home at the end of the party.

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