Olympics Opening Ceremony Party Ideas

by Nicole Schmoll
Celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympics by throwing a party.

Celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympics by throwing a party.

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Every two years, in even-numbered years, the Winter or Summer Olympic Games are held, celebrating the best athletes in the world as they compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. Gathering with friends and family to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is an enjoyable way to celebrate your patriotic spirit and love of sport. While you won't build a bobsled run or a boxing ring in your back yard, you still can share your enthusiasm for the Games with your friends through games, food and fun.

Activities for Adults

Plan activities and games that adults will enjoy during the commercials in the opening ceremony. Ask your guests to name past medal winners or test their knowledge of Olympics history by challenging them to list the past host cities for the Games. Split adults into teams of four or five and have each team represent a different country. Run the teams through a series of events like table-top paper football, paper-clip stringing, Sudoku or hot chocolate relay runs. In advance, cut out cardboard discs and spray paint them in gold, silver or bronze metallics; punch a hole in the top and attach a ribbon. Give out these medals to those who finish first, second and third in your games.

Activities for Children

Fashion torches out of a piece of white construction paper taped into a cone with red, orange and yellow tissue paper flaming out of the top. Let the children at the party hold a torch and walk around the house or room proudly during the opening ceremony. Create an arts and crafts table. Put construction paper, child scissors and glue sticks and a book about flags on the table and have children make flags of participating nations. Choose easy games for children to play, like egg races with boiled eggs, speed skating in socks across wooden or tiled floors, pie-eating contests or weightlifting feats where siblings can attempt to lift each other off the ground. If you're celebrating the Summer Olympics, start the festivities early with relay races, water balloon tosses and other imaginative race ideas like tying the legs of two children together and having them hop their way to the finish line. Don't forget to give them medals similar to those the adults will earn.

Decorations and Dress

Line the room where you'll be watching the ceremonies with soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, ice skates, goggles and swim caps, track shoes and whatever other kinds of sporting equipment you can find that represents Olympic sports. Hang a map of the world on the wall and have guests put push pins in every country they've visited. Or, ask guests to place pins in the countries where their family lineage traces back to. Hang the flags the children make around the room. Invite guests to come dressed as an athlete from one of their favorite sports.


Serve one or two dishes native to the country hosting the Olympics. If you're celebrating the Winter Olympics, invite friends and family members to arrive an hour before the opening ceremonies begin with a pot of their best chili. Number the dishes and have guests choose their favorite. Give a trophy to the winning chili cook at the end of the party. Give your desserts an Olympic flair. Make cupcakes with vanilla frosting on chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting on vanilla cupcakes to symbolize diversity and unity in one. Stick miniature flags representing as many of the countries as you can find in the cupcakes. Frost sugar cookies with white icing and then top that with the Olympic rings. Use gel frosting pens to interlock the rings in blue, black, red, yellow and green.

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