Olympic Theme Party Invitation Ideas

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Use the colors of the Olympic rings to decorate your party invitations.

Use the colors of the Olympic rings to decorate your party invitations.

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If you're planning a celebration for an upcoming Olympics, set the tone right away for your guests by creating Olympic-theme party invitations. The Olympic Games have a rich history of visual materials from which you can draw. These images span from the ancient Olympics in Greece up to the Olympics of the 21st century, offering you a variety of color combinations and designs to help you create your party invitations.


Using the right materials for your Olympic-theme party invitations ensures that they not only look attractive, but also that they're sturdy enough to make it through the mail system. To save money, you can recycle old holiday cards. Just spray paint them with your party colors before adding the other party decorations to the card. Other material options include card stock and scrapbooking papers. Decorate them with paints, colored pencils, pictures or confetti to create the Olympic theme. Finally, when you're making your invitations, avoid sending them as self-mailers. Although postcard mailers will work, the invitations will look less beat up if you send them in an envelope.

Old Olympic Posters

Every country that has hosted the Olympics has had a poster made for the occasion. These posters are like a time capsule, because they feature color combinations and designs that were popular during the era in which those Olympics were held. If you've chosen a party theme that embraces the Olympics throughout the ages, use smaller versions of these posters to set the tone. To make the invitations, scan copies of the old Olympic posters. Shrink them in size so that they fit on a large greeting card-size piece of card stock, and then write the information about the party on the inside of the invitation.

Rings, Flames and Gold Medals

The Olympics have a few symbols that people associate with them such as the five rings, the Olympic torch and medals. Create these invitations by choosing a decorative handmade paper; you can find these at stationery, craft or scrapbook stores. Draw the Olympic torch with markers, pastels or colored pencils. Cut out the five rings from colored Mylar. The colors of the Olympic rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red. Paste these on top of the torch. Glue a red, white and blue ribbon on the inside of the invitation. Glue a gold foil-wrapped chocolate to the end of the ribbon to create a mock medal. Add the information about the party inside as well.

Olympic Stars

The Olympics have created numerous Olympic stars throughout the ages. The images of these champions grace covers of magazines, trading cards and promotional items. To incorporate them into your Olympic party ideas, gather a supply of pictures that feature Olympic stars from past and present. These could include people like Jesse Owens, Katarina Witt, Nadia Comaneci or Picabo Street. Cut the pictures out. Glue them onto card stock, leaving a border of about 3/4 inch all the way around the edges of the card stock. On the card stock border write the year that particular Olympic star appeared in the games. Use colored markers featuring the Olympic ring colors.

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