Olympic Party Themes

by Noel Shankel
Represent your country by hanging a flag at your party.

Represent your country by hanging a flag at your party.

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The Olympic Games are held in both winter and summer, giving you an opportunity to host two parties, or one for your favorite season. When hosting an Olympic party, make sure to represent all countries -- or the majority of them -- equally, as this will capture the true spirit of the Games. With careful planning and dedication, your next Olympic party will earn you a gold medal.


Start by placing five colored hula hoops -- or five pieces of colored paper cut to look like hoops -- on your wall to represent the five Olympic rings. Hang numerous small flags around your home to represent the countries competing. If your are having a Winter Olympics party, place mounds of cotton in the corners of your home to represent snow. Or, drape white sheets over the furniture to create a snowy effect. If you're having a Summer Olympics bash, hang a cutout sun on your ceiling. Adjust the temperature inside your home to match the Games. For example, crank the AC to create a chill for a Winter Olympics party, or turn up the heat to celebrate a Summer Olympics party.


You and your guests should dress up for the Olympic party. Costumes should represent a guest's favorite Olympic sport. For example, if track and field is your thing, come dressed as a track runner. If figure skating is more your cup of tea, come dressed as a figure skater. Once all of the guests have arrived, host a mock Olympic torch lighting ceremony. Have numerous guests line up in a line and pass a candle to each other. Have the last guest to receive the candle jog over to a tiki torch and light it. Play the official Olympic music to honor the moment.


Once the Olympic party is in full swing, have guests compete in mock Olympic events. If you happen to live by an open field, have guests take laps around the field and time them to celebrate track and field. If you don't live by a field, simply take laps around the block. Turn your living room into a forum for either gymnastics floor routines or figure skating. For figure skating, have guests pretend they are wearing skates and attempt jumps and spins in the air. Be creative with your events by thinking outside the box. For example, a hot dog eating contest is by no means an Olympic event -- nor is a karaoke singing contest -- but that doesn't mean such events have no room at your party. The goal is to create a competitive atmosphere. Have fake gold, silver and bronze medals to hand out.


No party is complete without some food to keep the guests full and satisfied. Your food selection should represent the numerous countries that compete within the Olympic Games. For America, serve hot dogs and hamburgers. For Japan, slice and dice some sushi. For Italy, whip up some pasta or order a pizza. Have cupcakes with either gold, silver or bronze frosting. Use plates and utensils that are red, white and blue or that represent the flag you are defending.

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