Old Fashioned Bridal Shower Games

by Krystal Miller
Old-fashioned bridal games never get old.

Old-fashioned bridal games never get old.

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Old-fashioned bridal games have been around for many years and never lose their excitement at a shower. When planning a bridal shower, you can prepare some traditional games for the party guests. Traditional games are easier, because most guests already know how to play. Encourage all party guests to play along by awarding prizes, such as candles, photo albums and gift cards, to all game winners.

Paper Games

Paper games like bingo and scramble games have been around at bridal showers for decades. You can print bingo cards with words such as bride, groom, rings, alter, marriage, wedding, gift and garter in the squares. Use the same words to create a bridal word scramble. Other paper games you can create include crossword puzzles and word searches. Find these printable games online at websites like Abbee and Wedding Favors Unlimited.

Funny Games

Play some funny, old-fashioned games using rolls of toilet paper. Divide the guests into groups of three or four. Each group will use one or two rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding veil on one of the members of their team. Have three adults not playing the game judge the veils and award prizes to the winners. For another toilet paper idea, give the teams three or four rolls of toilet paper and have them design an entire wedding dress.

Memory Games

Test the memory of the guests with a tray of traditional wedding items. Place items, such as wedding rings, something blue like a garter, a set of pearls, a wedding veil and a wedding cake topper, on a tray. Show the guests the items and take the tray out of the room. Have the guests write down as many items as they can remember from the tray. The player who names the most correct items wins the game. Alternatively, you can remove an item from the tray when you take it out of the room. When you bring the tray back into the room, the first party guest to tell you the missing item wins a prize.

Trivia Games

Make a trivia with questions about the bride-to-be. Some example questions include "What is the bride's favorite food?" or "Where did she grow up?" and "What is her occupation?" Alternatively, you can ask the bride to leave the room and ask questions such as "What the bride is wearing?" or "What is the color of her eyes?" and "Is she wearing earrings?" For another variation, ask questions about the bride and groom with questions like "How did they meet?" and "Where was the first kiss?"

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