OHV Trails in Lassen County, California

by Ian Farquharson

Lassen County covers an area of just over 4,700 square miles in northeast California. The county's landscape has a variety of terrain, including the woodlands of the Lassen National Forest, the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains, and the lower-lying desert areas of the Great Basin. This provides plenty of open space for trails, with many of these designated for off-highway vehicle use.

Fort Sage Special Recreation Management Area

The Fort Sage Special Recreation Management Area (blm.gov) comes under the management of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. The area covers around 22,000 acres, with the trails running through it primarily for the use of dirt bikes, ATVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles. The terrain of the area ranges from flat, sandy desert landscapes to steeper, rocky canyons, providing trails of varying difficulties to suit all levels of driving skill.

Lassen National Forest Trails

The Lassen National Forest covers around 1.2 million acres, with the southern section lying in Lassen County. The forest comes under the management of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service (fs.usda.gov), which has produced Motor Vehicle Use Maps showing the many trails in the forest that permit off-highway vehicle use. The Forest Service website allows downloading of the maps, and these show the locations of the trails, as well as a table with route numbers and lengths.

Honey Lake Motocross Park

Other OHV trail facilities in the Lassen County Area include Honey Lake Motocross Park (honeylakemotocross.com). Aimed at off-road motorcycles, the park has a 1-mile main trail, and a shorter pee-wee trail. These sit on a sloping hillside area, with the trails winding their way on a circuit through an area of pine and oak trees.

Snowmobile Trails

Winter in Lassen County usually means snow, and this can provide some off-road snowmobile fun. A number of parks in the Lassen National Forest area offer groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails. These include Swain Mountain Snowmobile Park (fs.usda.gov), which has 60 miles of trails. This connects with the Bogard and Fredonyer Parks, each of which has around 80 miles of trails. Other snowmobile areas open for the winter season include Morgan Summit, Ashpan and Jonesville Snowmobile Parks.

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