Office Party Team Building Ideas

by Andrew Button
Office parties are meant to be fun for everyone involved.

Office parties are meant to be fun for everyone involved.

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Office parties are among the best ways to build a sense of identity and common purpose in a team and office party games challenge team members to work together, while live entertainment gives the team something to enjoy while relaxing. The best team building activities are those that develop cooperation and those that build a sense of connection, because all good teams require both.


Recreational activities have long been a staple of office party activities, with good reason. First, these activities are usually fun and engaging, bringing all members of the team together in a shared experience of fun. Second, many recreational activities, such as video games, can be played in teams. One idea for a recreational activity at an office party is to bring in a game console with multiple controllers. Team members in these games play against each other in two-member teams. Trivia games are also perfect for office parties. These games allow players to form teams and compete to answer the highest number of questions correctly.


Entertainment events, such as music and comedy, are perfect for team building at office parties. These events can be strong team builders when they encourage employees to actually make the entertainment themselves. One of the best entertainment activities is karaoke. If you bring in a karaoke machine with a large selection of songs, employees can take turns singing in front of their peers. This challenges employees to get comfortable expressing themselves in front of the team.

Food and Beverages

Mealtime, when done creatively, can be a great team building activity. One of the best ideas for team building with food is the indoor picnic. At an indoor picnic, every member of the office has to bring a tray of food from home to share with their co-workers. You can simulate the environment of an outdoor picnic by bringing in blankets and inflatable chairs for employees to sit on. If it's a nice day and there is a park nearby, the party can even move outside for the picnic.

Arts and Crafts

Working together on arts and crafts is a great way of building team spirit. Arts and crafts activities at office parties should be lighthearted and fun. For example, if you have organized the party into teams that compete against each other in every event, you can provide the teams with paints and paper so that they can design their own team logo. If you have access to digital illustration software, teams can even draw their logos on the computer and print them for display around the office.

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