Who Offers Cable TV in Medford, OR?

by Molly Thompson

Cable TV providers in the Medford, Ore., area include nationally recognized names such as Comcast, Cox, Charter and Time-Warner Cable. Most of these companies offer comparable basic cable packages. Premium offerings vary from provider to provider, as do prices. Your cost will depend on the provider used, the cable channels selected, and whether you "bundle" your cable TV service with other services, such as phone and Internet.

National Cable Companies Serving Medford

The Medford, Ore., area is served by major national cable TV service providers, including Comcast, Charter and Cox. Each provides a full range of cable services, high definition programming and on-demand movie services. Time-Warner Cable is another major company with service to Medford. If you currently subscribe to any of these providers' services at your current address, each offers specials to transfer your service to a new home address, including one in the Medford area.

More Than Just Cable TV

The cable service providers in Medford offer more than just cable TV services. Comcast, Cox and Charter all offer phone and Internet services. Time-Warner offers phone services, but Internet service is only available when specific high-end cable packages are purchased as well. Time-Warner emphasizes its wide selection of classic and on-demand movies, while the others stress the quality of their high-speed Internet offerings. Comcast and Charter offer unlimited phone service with some packages, and Cox offers free HDTV with its packages. All encourage "bundling" services to get the best deals.

Consumer Feedback

Consider what type of services you require for your home or business before selecting a service provider. Contact the Better Business Bureau office serving the Medford area to research whether any of the providers has been the subject of significant consumer complaints. Consistent reports of poor response times, spotty coverage or indifferent customer service might suggest selecting one provider over another in the Medford area.

Comparison Factors

Online websites such as The Cable Experts (cable.usdirect.com) and Saveology (homeservices.saveology.com) provide service-by-service comparisons of the main cable TV service providers in Medford. On these websites, you enter your address and specify the exact services you want from a cable provider -- HDTV, digital sound, on-demand movies, or just basic cable, for example. The website compares current prices and offers on the desired services and provides you advice about which company might best serve your needs in Medford.

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