Northern Missouri Archery Hunts

by Sarah McLeod
Whitetail deer are prized prey in northern Missouri.

Whitetail deer are prized prey in northern Missouri.

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Missouri and its bordering state Iowa have many outfitting options for bow and arrow hunting on northern Missouri land. The abundant white tail deer make harvesting a viable option during the state's archery season. In addition, Eastern turkeys up to 25 lbs. run rampant. Accommodations and hunting restrictions vary per outfit.

River Ridge Outfitters

River Ridge Outfitters ( is in the northern town of Carrolltown, Missouri. According to its 2011 booking calendar, five-day guided deer and turkey archery hunts are available from October to January. Each hunter is restricted to a kill of one buck, two doe and two turkeys during later October and early November. From late November to mid-January, hunters can kill only one buck and two doe. Late season hunters may not kill turkeys. The price of a hunt includes accommodations and meals, and River Ridge conveniently makes licenses available on site for out-of-state participants.

Tombstone Creek Outfitters

Tombstone Creek Outfitters ( in Melbourne, Missouri, is dedicated to archery bow hunts in Daviess, Harrison, Grundy and Sullivan counties. Guests may use Tombstone's lodging facility or camp on site in their own recreational vehicles. Food is not provided, but guests can bring their own food to cook in the lodge's kitchen. Tombstone Creek has a taxidermy shop and is affiliated with a local butcher for guests' use. All archery deer hunts are five days, and are available from September 15 to January 15. Tombstone Creek does not have a size restriction for hunted deer. Archery turkey hunts are three days long and occur from April 16 to May 6. Only one turkey is allowed until April 21 after which two turkeys may be hunted.

Global Sporting Safaris

Global Sporting Safaris ( is based in southeastern Iowa but provides whitetail deer hunting across two acres of northern Missouri territory. GSS feeds the deer throughout the year so they are healthy before being hunted. It sets up designated stands in the woods for hunting and provides transportation to and from the stands during the course of a day. Five-day packages are available from September to January. Food and lodging is provided, and successful hunters may employ the services of an on-site taxidermist. Meat lockers are also near the cabin.

Sand Rock Outfitters

Sand Rock Outfitters ( is based in Iowa but its Missouri lodge is in Kirksville. Guests hunt along 4,000 acres of northern Missouri land for both whitetail and long beard bucks. Archery hunters shoot from stands and hunts are six days long. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, and full-time guides are available. Hunters with dietary restrictions are catered to by on-site cooks, and lodging includes with garden tubs, satellite TV, a pool table and lake-front fishing. Hunting engagements are generally conducted from September to November.

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