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Grand pianos have a large surface area stretching several feet.

Grand pianos have a large surface area stretching several feet.

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Nordiska pianos provide a combination of high quality and reasonable pricing. These grand pianos range in price from $4,800 to $12,000 as of the 2006 edition of the "Blue Book of Pianos." The cost depends mostly on the size and style of the piano you want. These pianos are professional level instruments that are suitable for student and professional level players.


The Nordiska grand piano originated in Vetlanda, Sweden, and was founded in the early 1900s. The Swedish company stopped manufacturing pianos due to a recession in 1988. The quality manufacturing standards have been preserved through a Chinese piano company -- The Dongbei Piano Co. In the company's desire to create a high-quality Chinese piano, Dongbei Piano Co. acquired the Nordiska Piano Co. by purchasing the Nordiska equipment, production process and piano designs. It set up a factory near the Dongbei factory and sent the best craftsmen to work on the new Nordiska pianos.


Many of the materials used in the construction of the piano require skilled craftsmen to personally attend to each detail. The hammers attached to the piano keys that strike the strings to produce vibrations are German-made Able hammers. These delicate hammers are used in the world's finest pianos and are constructed from long-grain wool fibers.


The strings are imported European Roslau wire, which have a high degree of resilience and produce quality sound throughout the range of the instrument. Craftsmen personally wind the bass piano strings by hand following the European tradition of piano manufacturing, ensuring that the lowest keys maintain a characteristic and even sound throughout the piano.


Nordiska pianos come in two main styles: upright and grand pianos. An upright piano, also known as vertical, makes it possible to put the piano in an area with little space. The piano strings bend around the piano to make the overall area of the piano smaller. These pianos look similar to rectangular boxes. Grand pianos stretch out horizontally from the keyboard and take up more floor space. They are generally used in concert settings. The grand pianos range in size from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 9 inches from the keyboard to the back of the piano. The upright pianos range from 43 inches tall to 50 inches tall.

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