Ninja Turtle Party Games

by Kate Bradley
Get them up and active with Ninja Turtle party games!

Get them up and active with Ninja Turtle party games!

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starred in a popular cartoon in the early 1990s, and they continue to be popular with children today. Cool nun-chucks, talking turtles and a penchant for pizza are just a few of the reasons why. If you're planning a party for a Ninja Turtle fan, incorporating related games could be just the ticket to making the party one of the best ever.

Ninja Training

The Ninja Turtles are well known for their martial arts prowess. Let your little turtle get a taste of turtle power with martial arts games. As guests arrive, outfit them in a Ninja Turtle costume (big green T-shirt, a colored felt mask and black felt belt). Let them choose from Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo. Lead the guests in through a series of turtle kicks, punches and jabs. Practice it once together, then give each guest a turn to perform the moves in order. The guests who get it right win a prize. Pass out plastic swords and tape an inflated balloon to each guest's front. Instruct guests to be careful and tell them that they must "duel" until one guest pops the other's balloon with her sword. The winner gets a small prize.

Puzzle Games

Buy a couple dozen tiny plastic Ninja Turtles before the party. Hide them throughout the venue and make a list of clues as to where they are hidden; for example, "It's chilly in here!" for one hidden in the refrigerator. Split guests into teams and give each team a copy of the clues. Give them 20 minutes to search. After 20 minutes, each member of the team that found the most toys wins a prize. Play Turtle Trivia at your party. Put guests into small teams and ask questions. Remind guests not to shout the answers, but to raise their hands when they know the answer. Questions could include finishing theme song lyrics, such as "Heroes in a ???, turtle power!" You could also ask about characters, such as "Where is Shredder from?"

Active Games

Tell guests that they're going to play Ninja Turtle Freeze Tag. The same rules as regular freeze tag apply, but "it" is now Shredder and the safe place is the Ninja Turtle lair. Rotate the guest who is Shredder to give everyone a turn. You could also get a pinata in the likeness of one of the Ninja Turtles, their friend, April, or Splinter, their master. Try to give each guest a few swipes before it's cracked. Or, have guests complete a Ninja Turtle obstacle course before they get any pizza. Set up slides, tires to jump through, a tunnel to crawl in and monkey bars. Let guests go one at a time. Time each guest. The one with the shortest time wins a prize.

Other Games

Have guests stand in a group with a little distance between each other and choose an adult or teen helper to be Splinter. Everyone else is a Ninja Turtle. They will play "Follow the Sensei." Guests must do whatever Splinter does: hop on one foot, do a ninja kick or perform a double jab. Anyone who fails to complete the movement correctly is out. The last turtle standing wins a bo staff. To help guests wind down, play a simple game, such as "Pin the Mask on Donatello." Affix a picture of a maskless Donatello to cork board and make a mask out of thin cardboard or cork. Stick a long tack through it, blindfold a guest and hand him the mask. He must try to pin the mask correctly on Donatello's face. The guest who succeeds (or gets the closest) wins a stuffed Ninja Turtle.

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