Nine to Five Theme Party Ideas

by Jeremy Cato

Redefine "nine-to-five" by setting up a work-themed party.

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"Nine-to-five" is a phrase many people use to describe the traditional American workday. For some, those eight working hours represent stress, drudgery and monotony. However, you can redefine the phrase by incorporating a nine-to-five theme into your next party. With some imagination applied to invitations, decor, food and games, you can make your off-site "office" a place for laughter and good times.

Invitations and Decor

Make party invitations that look like memos by using a memo template from your computer's document creation software. Decorate the party area with nine-to-five themed decor. Hang motivational office posters and calendars on the walls. Purchase a package of pink printing paper to make "pink slip" place cards. Print "PINK SLIP" and a guest's name in large letters on each sheet of paper and tape the sheets to tables so guests can find a seat by looking for their names. Attach multicolored sticky notes to random items, such as chairs and light fixtures. Place a file cabinet and office furniture in various locations in the room to complete the workplace look.


Incorporate the theme into the party food. Place a water cooler filled with punch in one corner of the room and set up a coffee machine in another area. Purchase or create a specially decorated cake that looks like a computer, a printer or some other office-related item. If you can, find a large, executive-style desk on which to place appetizers and snacks.


No nine-to-five theme party would be complete without games. Set three or four circular trash cans next to a wall and have your party guest shoot balls of notebook paper into them. Reward the guest who gets the most shots in the cans. Hang a large calendar on a wall and allow guests to throw suction-cup darts at it and attempt to hit certain dates in a "Hit the Deadline" game. Use a whiteboard with a bull's-eye drawn on it as a variation of the darts game.

Other Ideas

To set the right mood, instruct your guests to dress "business casual." Place a notebook with a sign-in sheet at the party entrance so guests can check in as if they are signing in for work. Ask a friend to dress up as a front-desk "secretary" or "receptionist" to supervise check-ins.


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