Nice Places to Go for a 16-Year-Old's Birthday

by James Roland
Sweet 16 is sweeter with a party at a nice place.

Sweet 16 is sweeter with a party at a nice place.

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A 16th birthday is an important milestone. It kicks off the latter half of the teen years, traditionally marking the start of young adulthood. Celebrate it in style by taking your 16-year-old to a nice place for the event. Don't just go to your favorite nice spot, however. Put some thought into it. Tailor the venue to the teenager's interests and personality to make the birthday a celebration you'll both remember.

For a Girl

The 16th birthday is considered "sweet" for a girl, so take her to a nice place that's especially sweet in her opinion. If she's into the arts, take her to a performance of the ballet. If she loves acting, take her to a play. See if you can arrange a backstage tour to meet the performers afterward. You can also play off the "Sweet 16" theme by taking her to an elegant dessert restaurant for a sweet indulgent treat, or to a fondue restaurant for some chocolate fondue and strawberries.

For a Boy

Sweet 16 for a boy is a coming-of-age time that you can mark by taking him to an event that makes him feel like a grown man. "Sweet" for a boy may mean a private catered suite at a sporting event or a rock concert. If a private suite isn't in the budget, try to get good seats very close to the action. Arrange to have his birthday announced during the event or have his name put up on a board at the arena. For example, at NBA games, by paying a fee to charity, you can arrange to put your birthday wishes on the JumboTron.

For Either: A Fine Meal

One of the nicest places to go for a 16th birthday is a fancy five-star restaurant for a fine meal. Everyone attending should be decked out in the finest clothes. The dressy attire and elegant atmosphere will lend formality to the birthday, letting your teen know that you all consider this an important occasion. Ask the chef to make your 16-year-old's favorite special dessert in advance, or wow him with something he's never seen, such as Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster set aflame at your tableside.

For Either: An Elegant Hotel

If it's in the budget, a nice option for a 16-year-old's birthday is a stay at an elegant hotel. Your teen will love feeling pampered as the staffers attend to her every need. Enjoy a fine meal in the hotel's dining room with a delectable birthday cake to top it all off. Arrange for a spa visit and a facial or an hour with a private tennis or golf coach. Have your teen relax by the pool with a frosty drink and welcome her to the good life.

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