New York Party Theme Ideas for Decorations

by Samantha Kemp
Use decorations that conjure the images of New York.

Use decorations that conjure the images of New York.

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New York is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world and is known for its busy life, its scenic skyline, the theater district Broadway and the fashion district. Infuse your party with the fast-paced New York vibe with decorations that emulate the iconic images of New York.

Skyline and Statues

The New York skyline is one of the world's most recognizable, so it seems fitting to use this image as part of your party decor. Position removable wall decals around the room. Load a digital frame with photos of New York and watch the scenes change throughout the party, or frame pictures of iconic New York buildings. You also can borrow a slide projector and project the image of the New York skyline onto the walls, or hang a piece of white butcher paper and trace the skyline. Then, paint the skyline for even more impact. A Statue of Liberty cake topper is the ideal decoration for your New York party cake.


Add Broadway elements to your party decorations. Add a banner that says "Broadway" that guests can see from the entrance. Place an arch behind your buffet table and a red carpet leading up to it as a marquee. Red and black tablecloths, napkins and chargers set off the scene. Place boas, masks and other costume wear in a trunk; take photos of guests in the costume, if they would like. Frame Broadway posters, programs and playbills. Hang gold and silver star ornaments from the ceiling.

I Love New York

The simple I Love New York theme found on T-shirts and other souvenirs has become an iconic image. Add this element to your decor for some added flair. Place a T-shirt decorating area in your house where can paint their own. Paint "I Love New York" on butcher paper and hang on a feature wall. Local gift shops have "I Love NY" balloons available to help you inexpensively decorate the area.

Times Square

An LED ticker conjures the image of the enormous one in Times Square and will be the focal point of your New York party. Subway metro signs, bright lights and TVs that display bold graphics also are suitable Times Square decorations.

Other Elements

Add other elements of iconic New York images. Stamp an Empire State Building pattern on votive candle holders or wine glasses. Propped-up street lamps remind guests of Central Park. Tack taxi and traffic signs onto the walls. Decorate the bar area like the Hard Rock Cafe. Set up a stage to have your own playful runway to emulate New York's fashion week.

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