New York City Luxury Hotels with a Glass Roof Room

by Brendan McGuigan
Glass roofs let in the sunlight and stars

Glass roofs let in the sunlight and stars

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In a city like New York, where the crisp winter nights or snowy days can make sitting outdoors untenable, sitting indoors under glass gives the best of both worlds. Over the years, a number of well-known hotels have had glass roofs, most notably the historic Hotel Astor, which featured a glass-gabled roof over which ran a miniature Niagara Falls. Contemporary hotels may not be quite as opulent in their glass roofs, but a number offer a modern touch that no historic hotel could have dreamed of – retractable glass that can let in the fresh air and unobstructed night sky.

Hudson Hotel

The Hudson Hotel is one of a handful of recently built urban chic hotels located in midtown Manhattan, designed to be cool, modern, luxurious, and affordable (by New York standards). Glass and greenery play an integral part in the design of the hotel, from the glass tunnel escalator that takes you into the main lobby, to ivy winding its way over every surface in the 40-foot-high common room. Most striking of all is the hotel’s private park, just off the lobby area. Lush plant life and comfortable patio furniture are protected by a massive glass roof, giving guests the illusion of being outdoors while letting them remain warm and shielded from the elements.

Ravel Hotel

With sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, the Ravel Hotel in Long Island City aims to be a Manhattan landmark just across the bridge. The hotel is a cocoon of tranquility, with striking rooms of pure white, soft earth tones, and lush colorscapes spread throughout the hotel. Individual rooms are spacious and modern in their design, built to make guests feel like they are in their own private worlds. Atop the hotel is its Penthouse808 lounge and restaurant, offering everything from intimate candlelit dinners to a raucous upscale club scene – all ensconced beneath a retractable glass roof.

Kimberly Hotel

The Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan’s East Side, just outside the Theatre District, is a place of classical luxury, with soft earth tones, antique furniture, fine linens -- and a Clefs d’Or rated concierge program. On the penthouse level is an ultra-modern lounge, called simply Upstairs. Located 30 stories above Manhattan, the lounge offers views of the skyline and the night sky. On cool evenings the glass roof allows patrons to enjoy the stars in warmth, and in the summer the roof retracts to let in the full splendor of the Manhattan night.

Atrium Suites

The Atrium Suites are part of the Signature Properties collection, a group of long-term stay suites throughout New York City. Suites are available as studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms and penthouses. Although the building is historic, the rooms all feature modern décor and amenities. The highlight of the Atrium Suites is its enormous indoor atrium, rising up 10 stories to a full glass roof. The property managers recommend making reservations at least six months in advance.

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