New Year's Party Invitation Ideas

by Christine LaFleur
Use images of celebratory items for your New Year's party invitations.

Use images of celebratory items for your New Year's party invitations.

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One of the first steps in planning a New Year's party is to choose invitations that will quickly tell your guests that they are invited to a New Year's party. Use familiar images and objects that people instantly relate to New Year's when deciding on a design. The invitation should tell guests all of the pertinent information and the design of the invitation should correlate with the theme of your New Year's party.


Send out invitations with pictures of champagne bottles. If you want to make the invitations yourself, glue miniature cut-outs of champagne bottles onto a piece of cardstock. Another option is to find an invitation with champagne flutes. Small bubbles coming out of the tops of the flutes would represent the bubbly that is inside. If you plan to hand-deliver invitations and have the funds to do so, deliver a bottle of champagne to your guests with the party information tied to the neck of the bottle.


Use invitations that represent celebration for your New Year's party. You can find invitations that feature graphics of party hats and confetti. If you are crafty, make your own invitations by gluing party hats and pieces of confetti to cardstock. Another option is to focus your invitation on the New Year's Ball. If you cannot find a pre-made invitation with the New Year's Ball that suits your taste, make your own by gluing a large, sparkly circle to a piece of cardstock and placing your invitation wording inside of the ball.

Kissing Couples

Couples love to kiss when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. Send out invitations that feature a silhouette of a kissing couple with a New Year's ball dropping in the background. If you do not want to use the ball, a clock pointed to midnight with the date underneath it would get the message across. If you cannot find an invitation that suits your style, try making one with a computer program that allows you to design your own. You could even use a picture of you and your sweetie kissing at midnight from the year before if you design the invitation yourself.

Masquerade Party

If your New Year's Eve party will be a masquerade party, show that in your invitation. Find invitations that have graphics of masks or make your own. Your local craft store should have masquerade stickers you could use to decorate your invitation. Glue feathers to the invitation for 3-D masquerade look. If you plan to hand-deliver invitations, pass out masks with the party information tied to the mask.

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