New Year's Party Icebreakers

by A.N. Pike
With a few ice breaker games, your guests will be partying together in no time.

With a few ice breaker games, your guests will be partying together in no time.

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Celebrating New Year's among people you know and love is always a good time. This year, instead of going to a friend or family member's house for the celebration, throw your own party. Invite your co-workers, family and other friends for the big bash and provide ice breaker games so your guests can get to know one another.

What's Your Name?

Have all your guests stand in a circle. Going clockwise, have every guest give their name and a New Year's resolution. Every resolution must start with the same letter as the name of the person. For example, "My name is Mary and this year my resolution is to move to a better apartment." This game gives all your guests plenty to talk about and takes the edge off of introducing themselves one on one.

Introduce Yourself

You must introduce yourself before getting to know someone. Ease the intimidation of introductions by making a game out of it. In this game, every guest must go up to another guest and introduce themselves. After they introduce themselves, the guests must exchange three New Year's resolutions they are making. Not only do the resolutions give guests topics to talk about, but they also help guests learn about one another.

Resolutions in a Hat

Take the edge off of the seriousness of New Year's resolutions by having your party guests come up with silly resolutions. Have every guest write down a silly or funny New Year's resolution such as, "I will not pick my nose for an entire year." Place all of the written resolutions in a hat. Before midnight, have each guest draw a resolution out of the hat and read it to everyone. Guests who have not yet introduced themselves now have topics to discuss with other guests.

First Impressions

First Impressions is a lighthearted game that gets people talking and touching one another. Tape a piece of paper to every guest's back. Give everyone a pen and tell them to mingle. Every time they see a person with their back turned, they must introduce themselves to the person. After introductions, the guests must write their first impressions of the person on that person's piece of paper. Tell your guests that mean or rude comments are not allowed.

Question and Answer

Get your guests geared up for games as soon as they arrive. Give each arriving guest a card with a question written on it. Use New Year's-related questions such as "when was the first New Year's eve celebrated in Times Square?" Give another guest a card with the answer to the question. Throughout the night, guests must ask other guests what card they have until all the cards are correctly paired.

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