New Year's Eve

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    New Year's Eve Events Nearest to Excelsior, Minnesota

    Since Excelsior, Minnesota is a small town of approximately 2,300 people, it lacks major New Year's Eve events. However, the town is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, where you can find many interesting and exciting New Year's Eve events.

    New Year's Eve Deadhead Party Favor Ideas

    The Grateful Dead was a band formed in the 1960s who inspired legions of loyal fans known as "Deadheads." Known for their hippie attitudes and fashions, Deadheads followed the band on tour and immersed themselves in the alternative lifestyle promoted by the band. The Deadhead theme makes an entertaining New Year's party, and you can give hippie-inspired favors to guests

    Romantic New Year's Eve Getaways in Indianapolis, Indiana

    Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, has much diversity, providing something for virtually every type of couple. New Year’s Eve is often celebrated by watching fireworks and drinking champagne, but for couples trying something new, there are many romantic getaways in Indianapolis that can make the holiday new again. Regardless of the activity you pick, take time to reflect on the year and get as much alone time as possible with your partner.