New Year's Eve Deadhead Party Favor Ideas

by Leslie Kasperowicz

A "Deadhead" theme gives your New Year's party hippie flair.

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The Grateful Dead was a band formed in the 1960s who inspired legions of loyal fans known as "Deadheads." Known for their hippie attitudes and fashions, Deadheads followed the band on tour and immersed themselves in the alternative lifestyle promoted by the band. The Deadhead theme makes an entertaining New Year's party, and you can give hippie-inspired favors to guests

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-dye is practically the uniform of the hippie and, of course, a popular choice among Deadheads. Tie-dye kits are available at many craft stores, allowing you to make your own unique T-shirts. Use fabric paint to add whatever wording you want, such as "Happy New Year" and the year of the party.

Deadhead Bumper Stickers

Since Deadheads were well-known for their desire to follow the band on tour around the country, a bumper sticker makes the perfect Deadhead party favor. You can choose a simple Grateful Dead logo or make your own personalized bumper stickers with a phrase of your choosing, such as "Still Dead" followed by the new year.

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

You will have to hand these out at the end of the party to keep them from melting, but pints of the ice cream created by frozen-treat giant Ben & Jerry's to honor Grateful Dead front man Jerry Garcia make a delicious choice. Send them home in a bag of ice to keep the tasty treat frozen on the road!

Peace Jewelry

Necklaces, rings and bracelets with the peace sign on them are symbolic of the Grateful Dead's pursuit of peace and understanding through their music. As living symbols of hippie culture in general, the Deadheads were well known for carrying the love of the peace symbol well beyond the days of free love.

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