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Production of "New Moon" was greenlighted the day after "Twilight" opened in theaters.

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The movie "New Moon" is the second installment in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. It stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. "New Moon" was released in 2009. It was director Chris Weitz's first movie dealing with vampires (Weitz's brother Paul directed "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Apprentice," also released in 2009). The movie was an extreme success, grossing the studio almost $300 million as of March 28, 2010, from its estimated $50 million budget. "New Moon" received a variety of awards, including 10 wins and 12 nominations.


One reason for the film's success was that Weitz provided each actor with a 20-page pamphlet that explained the style and location of each shot. The actors were also encouraged to improvise; some scenes, such as the conversation as Jessica and Bella leave the movie theater, were entirely improvised. Others were changed on the fly. For instance, when Bella jumps into the water, she was supposed to jump into a swimming pool with weights in her pockets. Kristen Stewart was apprehensive, so Weitz offered to demonstrate. He was so off put by the experience that said, "We can't do that to Kristen!" The scene ended up being filmed from her side.


Fans with a keen eye will notice that although Bella's bedroom window did not have a bay window in "Twilight," it does in "New Moon." This was added for the scene in which Jacob leaps into her bedroom window. The minor remodel might have been an issue, but the entire house had had to be rebuilt anyway; "Twilight" was shot in Portland, Ore., but filming for "New Moon" was done in Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia, with the exception of the Italian scenes. Those were shot in Montepulciano, Italy, on the same location as 2003's "Under the Tuscan Sun." However, don't try to book a flight from Seattle to Italy on Virgin Airlines, the airline featured in the film; Virgin doesn't offer that route.


Casting the Quileutes in "New Moon" was a challenge; each member had to be of Native American descent with the papers to prove it. These fellows went through a boot camp designed to get them into even better shape and help them bond with each other. Taylor Lautner almost did not get to reprise his role as Jacob, because Weitz and Meyer were concerned he would not be able to bulk up in time; Lautner ended up putting on 26 pounds of muscle to keep the role. There was even an issue with the house on the Quileute reservation; the one they found was green but in the book the house is red, so the house was repainted.

Small Details

The movie "New Moon" is filled with small details to match the book and further the storyline. For instance, Kristen Stewart wears brown contacts to match her literary counterpart. Also, the eyes of a vampire change color depending on his diet -- golden for "vegetarians" and red for human blood. Other small details include: • There's a wolf print on the back of Jacob's shirt when he is fixing Bella's bike. • The gauze Carlisle uses to clean Bella's wounds after she is injured at her birthday party falls into the shape of a heart when it is burned. • When Charlie gives Bella her birthday presents, a picture of her and Edward from "Twilight" is on the wall behind her bed. • When Jacob almost kisses Bella, he says "Stay with me forever" in Quileute ("kwop kilawtley"). • Robert Pattinson's eyebrows are bushier in "New Moon" because he refused to allow them to be waxed as thin as they were in "Twilight."

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