What Do You Need to Have a Tattoo Party?

by Emma Rensch
Invite your ink-loving friends to a tattoo party.

Invite your ink-loving friends to a tattoo party.

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Tattoo parties give tattoo lovers a chance to showcase their body artwork. They are also an opportunity to get a quality tattoo at a discount rate. The host of a tattoo party hires a professional artist to tattoo guests. Attendees bring designs that they wanted tattooed, and the artist will comply. The more guests attend, the less the artist usually charges per head. If you find a quality artist and prioritize sanitation and safety, your tattoo party is sure to be a success.

R.S.V.P. Invitations

Send invitations to potential guests and ask them to R.S.V.P. by a certain date, informing you if they are interested in getting any body modification done during your event. You will need this information to hire artists. Some guests will only wish to compare art with others, but other individuals may wish to get a new tattoo at your party. Ask guests for a description of the work that they would like to get done so that you can share it with the artist. Ask for a $50 cash deposit from each guest who wishes to get a tattoo at your party so that you are not left with an enormous bill. Remind guests to bring a photo I.D. in your invitation, since they must be 18 or over to get a tattoo.

Sterile Environment

Procure a large, sterile space to host your party. This may require renting out a studio or even a tattoo parlor; some artists will allow you to host the party in their tattoo parlors. If you are hosting the party in your home, a living room will work best, as long as you clean it thoroughly. Sterilize your party space by cleaning all hard surfaces with antibacterial spray. Vacuum all soft surfaces like carpet or couches. Cleaning is essential to ensure that guests do not go home with infected tattoos. If you have pets or children, find sitters for them during the party. Ensure that artists have everything they need to conduct quality, sanitary work, such as power outlets, chairs, cots, and sinks. Obtain a list of requirements from the artist beforehand.

Hire a Tattoo Artist

Many tattoo artists will only work a party if at least five attendees wish to be tattooed during the event. Give the artist the information you receive from guests who respond to the R.S.V.P. for your party and work out a rate. Pay the artist before the event begins and divide the bill amongst the guests requesting work. Most artists require a deposit two weeks before the date of the party. Check the credentials of any individual you hire to work at your party, and ensure that the artist has been recently inspected by the local health department for sanitary practices.


Provide guests with refreshments to enjoy while they show off their artwork, watch the tattoo artist work, wait their turn to be tattooed, and mingle with other guests. Since some people feel nervous around needles, and tattoos on some parts of the body can be painful, food can be a good distraction to keep the mood festive. Provide finger foods such as cookies and pretzels, and provide juice and water, but prohibit alcohol from tattoo parties since alcohol in the body affects the ink during the tattoo process.

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