What Do You Need on "Poptropica" to Go to the Halloween Party in the Haunted House?

by John Grossman

Poptropica is a website for children and teenagers where they can play games and interact with one another in an age-appropriate environment. Players can explore a variety of islands on Poptropica, each of which contains a different game that you complete to gain credits. Players can then use those credits to unlock other games or buy virtual items.


To attend the Halloween party, you first must reach the island, enter the Haunted House and solve a series of puzzles. After completing those puzzles, you will be able to go to the party and collect 50 credits. You will also get a special item, the Costumizer, which allows you to equip your character with Halloween costumes.

Getting Inside the Haunted House

Click on the "Haunted House" icon on your Poptropica map. You can see your map by clicking on the "Map" button on the Poptropica homepage. This will bring you to the island's graveyard. Go to the left until you reach the house. Then jump on the house's balconies until you see a bat. This bat carries a key that will allow you to enter the house. Jump on the bat to catch the key. Then click on the cellar door at the far left of the house and select "Enter" to use your key to unlock the door and enter the cellar.


Go down the stairs and find the furnace. This is your first puzzle and it is relatively easy to solve. Connect the furnace to the boiler by rotating the pipe pieces until the pipe is complete. After solving this puzzle, jump on the steam above the boiler to reach a shelf and get a draught (bottle). You will need this item to enter the party. Finally, walk to the right and go up the stairs to exit the cellar.

Kitchen and Bedroom

You are now in the kitchen. Open the refrigerator door. As you can see, it is filled with ice. Jump on the stairs to the left of the refrigerator and then jump to the right. Jump on the head of the knight holding a pickax to get it. Go back and use the pickaxe to chop up the ice in the refrigerator. Jump to the higher floor again and go up the stairs until you reach the bedroom. Use your mouse pointer to synchronize both clocks. After doing it, you will receive your next item, a lantern.


Go to the right until you see a spider on the floor. Click on it to make it drop down in front of a painting of a witch holding a broomstick. The witch will then drop her broomstick. Jump on the broomstick to reach the attic. Open the chest by clicking on it. Solve the slider puzzle to get your final item, a chalice.


Go back to the cellar and go left until you reach the stairs. Look under them and get the barrel of kerosene to light your lantern. Take the stairs again to go back to the main room. Talk to the ghost cat and leave the house. Walk right in the graveyard until you see a hole in the ground. Click on it to enter the Halloween party.

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