Nature Trails Near Burleson, Texas

by Jennifer Sobek

Burleson,Texas, is a small family friendly city in the northeast portion of the state that spans two counties -- Johnson and Tarrant. At just under 20 square miles, the city has 16 developed parks that total 348 acres. Only a handful of the city's parks have nature trails. But there are several nature trails within a short driving distance.

Future Trails

According to the City of Burleson website, the city is currently renovating several of its parks to include a network of walking and nature trails. The parks included in this renovation are Bailey Lake, Cedar Ridge Park and Meadow Crest Estates. So, frequently check back on the city's website for updated information regarding the park renovations.

Oak Valley Park

Located in Burleson, this 1.6-mile nature trail begins at the park, located on Parkridge Boulevard, and crosses Hurst Road and continues to memorial Plaza/Burleson Memorial Cemetery. Along the way, you might catch glimpses of local wildlife.

Ideal for Children

The Benbrook Dam Trail, located about 20 miles from Burleson, is a 3.1-mile out-and-back trail that has minimal elevation gain and runs along a grassy strip at Benbrook Dam's peak and ends at the spillway. If you've got young children, this would be a great way to introduce them to nature. The area is ideal for children because it's a flat, straight path and they will enjoy the plethora of trees and local wildlife.

Out-and-Back Trail

The Trinity River Trail at Oakmont Park in Benbrook is a 3.36-mile out-and-back trail that is part of a trail system that winds through two parks. The trail is popular among hikers and dog-walkers alike. Those who do visit will find plenty of opportunity to escape from the activity of the nearby town.

Hiking and Nature

Cedar Hill State Park, located in Cedar Hill about 34 miles from Burleson, has 4.5 miles of hiking/nature trails and more than 10 miles of mountain biking trails that wind through five native tall-grass prairie remnants. These endangered prairie remnants are littered with native grasses like Indian Grass, Little Bluestem, Sideoats Gama and Switch Grass. If you have an interest in native plants and wildlife, Cedar Hill has extensive amounts of grasses, plants, trees and wildlife. Cedar elm, honey locust, mesquite and juniper trees dominate the state park. And along the trails, you may even catch glimpses of wildlife, including bobcat, coyote, fox, armadillo and raccoon.

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