A Napoleon Dynamite Costume for Teens

by Trisha Dawe
Dress as Tina, the family's llama, with a dish of lasagna.

Dress as Tina, the family's llama, with a dish of lasagna.

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"Napoleon Dynamite" stole the hearts and induced laughter from audiences worldwide, grossing over $46 million after its theatrical release in 2004. The quirky comedy stars Jon Heder as the awkward Idaho teen, Napoleon Dynamite, who goes to great lengths to assist the student council presidency campaign of his best friend, Pedro. The comical flick often sparks urges to dress as Mr. Dynamite for Halloween and cinema costume parties. Replicate a character in your favorite scene from "Napoleon Dynamite" as an inventive costume idea.

Formal Wear

Napoleon dresses in a dated brown suit both on the movie cover and in preparation for the school dance during the film. Wear brown suit pants with a matching buttoned vest and blazer over a yellow, collared, button-down dress shirt. Add a blue, brown and yellow striped necktie printed with a paisley design. Finish the look with brown dress shoes, a carrot-colored, curly wig and nerdy, wire-rimmed eye glasses as a comical Halloween costume idea.

Campaign Costume

The film protagonist wears attire promoting Pedro in his campaign attempt. Replicate this costume option by wearing tightly-fitting acid-washed jeans and a black-trimmed, white T-shirt with red, velvety iron-on letters that spell "Vote for Pedro." Tuck the white T-shirt far into the jeans, revealing the high waistline of the pants. Black moon boots or puffy, black winter boots, wire-rimmed glasses and a curly red wig complete the casual costume option aligning with the "Napoleon Dynamite" film theme.

Design Your Own

Napoleon Dynamite's go-to school outfit consists of a printed T-shirt, tight, high-waist blue jeans and black winter boots or moon boots. If you're looking for a Napoleon costume that no one else is wearing, consider creating your own. Sketch an image of a "Liger" from the movie, which is a Napoleon-created animal that is half tiger and half lion bred for magical skills. Scan it, or download an existing image, print it onto an iron-on transfer and apply it to a T-shirt according to package directions. Alternatively, wearing a red T-shirt with a wolf design on it is another apparel option of Napoleon Dynamite. Don't forget to add the eyeglasses and curly wig .

Other Characters

Other iconic characters from the Napoleon Dynamite film include Pedro, Deb and Kip. Deb is replicated by wearing tight jeans, plastic jelly shoes and an "I love ND" T-shirt with a slicked-down side ponytail. Wear jeans, a brown belt, a cowboy-inspired button-down shirt and a bolo necktie to dress like Pedro. Napoleon's brother, Kip, wears a number of comical ensembles throughout the movie, one of which includes gray sweatpants, a cutoff muscle shirt, sweatbands, wire glasses and slicked down hair with a faux mustache.

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