Mythology Themed Birthday Party Ideas

by Tami Mason
You can even choose a favorite fairy tale for your theme.

You can even choose a favorite fairy tale for your theme. Images

A themed party makes for a really different celebration, and choosing a mythology theme adds a real touch of magic to any party. There are many different areas of mythology to use as a party theme, from Greek to Norse and Oriental to Celtic, or leave the mythology theme open to each guest's interpretation. Mythology-themed parties are suitable for all ages, from young children to adults, and do not have to break the bank.

Greek Mythology Theme

Write invitations on rolled up parchment, with wording such as "Aphrodite requests your presence at her temple for a Greek mythology-themed party." Instruct everyone to come dressed as a creature, hero, god or goddess from Greek mythology. Use silk ivy and grape vines, gold and white balloons and draped fabric for decoration. Play games with a Greek twist, such as musical Greek statues, Titan tug-of-war and "Zeus says." Cover tables with bunches of grapes and bowls of "Medusa hair," aka snake-shaped jelly sweets.

Norse Mythology Theme

For a child's party, organize a craft activity like making Viking helmets. A treasure hunt can be fun and educational for adults and children. Serve party food and drink in earthenware goblets and bowls. Push tables together to create a Viking banquet hall, cover the doorways with cloth and scatter straw on the floor. For an adult party, serve a huge meal of roasted meats and bread, and keep the mead flowing.

Oriental Mythology Theme

Dragons feature heavily in oriental art and culture, and are the supreme spiritual power in oriental mythology. Decorate your oriental mythology-themed party room with paper lanterns, large paper fans and plenty of red, gold and black. Hang dragon pictures around the room and display dragon and oriental-themed decorations. For children, organize a craft activity such as making papier mache dragon masks and serve oriental-themed food, like sweet and sour chicken nuggets. For adults, serve sushi or Chinese takeaway -- to be eaten with chopsticks of course!

Celtic Mythology Theme

The Sidhe, or Fairy People, and a host of other creatures, such as pixies, brownies and kelpies, feature heavily in Celtic mythology, so a Celtic mythology-themed party really focuses on costumes. Decorate the party room with fairy dust and lots of sparkle, as well as natural items such as mushroom ornaments and flowers to represent the earthy, nature-loving side of Celtic mythology. Try not to focus too much on "fairy" unless it's a party for young girls. For adults, the slightly darker side of Celtic mythology can be embraced.

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