The Mystic Eye Game

by Alexis Rohlin

The Mystic Eye game is a party game that consists of a triangle-shaped board that uses your subconscious mind and magnetism to answer your questions. According to the inventor, each of us knows and chooses her own destiny. We already have an answer to every question we will ever ask hidden away in our subconscious. The pendulum is said to move to the answer provided by your subconscious thoughts.

Playing the Game

Set the game board on a table or flat surface in front of you. Hold the ball end of the pendulum chain with your thumb and forefinger. Relax your body and clear your mind. Concentrate and ask your questions, either out loud or in your head. Focus on the question, lower the pendulum and hold it a half-inch above the black dot at the center of the board. The pendulum will swing and stop on your answer. It will give an instant answer to a "yes" or "no" question, or it will spell the answer for you.


When you hold the pendulum above the board, it moves by to the forces of magnetism. Sometimes when you ask, you might get a long or complicated answer. For instance if you ask, "Will I find a boyfriend?" the pendulum might move in one or two of the cardinal directions marked on the board -- north, south, east or west -- and then land on "yes." This means you will find a boyfriend who is from the direction indicated, such as north or northwest.


When you ask your questions, make them as detailed and specific as you can to get the best answer possible. When the pendulum settles on an answer or hovers over a marking on the board and then lands on it, it means that it has answered the question. The marking that it is on is the answer to your question.


The Mystic Eye game board is covered in symbols and phrases. Some, such as "Ask Later," "Rephrase, and "Stop," mean what they say. If you get the "Stop" answer, you don't want or need the answer to the question you asked. Letters are used to spell words, much like with the Ouija board. Numbers can be dates, times, or amounts of things. "Love" means a new love is coming into your life. "Money" can mean you are going to get it or lose it, depending on what the question was that you asked. "Luck" means you will get lucky. "Travel" means that your answer involves traveling somewhere. "Sunny Days" refers to good fortune and prosperity in your future. "Interference" means that there is a negative energy in your subconscious that is blocking the answer. "Male" means a new male energy will enter your life soon, and "Female" means a new female energy will enter your life soon.

Element Answers

Earth, air, water and fire are the four magical elements that have deep symbolic meaning in our subconscious mind, according to the game. Earth is the source of life, and when you get "Earth" as an answer, you should follow your gut instinct to make the choice. Air is the wind and the breath of life. When you get "Air" as an answer, you need to let go and experience your connection with the divine by acting on inspiration when it comes to you. Water represents innocence and spontaneity. When you get "Water" for an answer, you need to lighten up, open your heart and try to have a sense of humor about the situation. Fire is the force of creation and manifestation of desires or outcomes. When you get "Fire" as an answer, you need to be open to new possibilities, burn away the old to make way for the new, and trust your mystical intelligence.