Mystery Party Game Ideas for Ten-Year-Old Girls

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Even girl detectives need the proper tools for conducting an investigation.

Even girl detectives need the proper tools for conducting an investigation.

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The popularity of mystery stories for girls such as the Nancy Drew and American Girl novels are a testament to how much tween girls enjoy a round of sleuthing. While reading about a mystery is absorbing, participating in solving the crime is all the better. Role-playing mystery games can give the girl in your life and her friends the chance to feel like real detectives.

The Mystery

When you choose a mystery theme for 10-year-old girls, keep the age group in mind. While adult mystery parties usually focus around a murder, crimes of a lesser nature are more appropriate for a kids' game. Focus your mystery theme around puzzles such as a missing diamond necklace, a valuable stolen pet, a live runaway or missing person or a hidden historic treasure. While you want the girls to have fun, there's no need to be so morbid you give them nightmares.

DIY or Mystery Kits

It's up to you whether you choose to create your own game or obtain a ready-made kit. Your budget and your creativity are two factors to consider. While most mystery party kits for kids are not overly expensive, it's entirely possible to write your own script, create and hide your own clues and scrounge items from around the house to create a variety of costumes. On the other hand, kits are available, by mail or for download on the Internet, that include a host or hostess guide, a list of tasks to complete, a written story and written clues to guide the players to the solution.


Part of the fun of a mystery party is setting the scene. Before the girls arrive for the party, turn your home into the setting you've chosen for your mystery theme. If the crime takes place in a disco, hang a mirrored ball, strategically place a few flashing strobe lights and play some hits from the 1970s to create a mood. If you've chosen a ski lodge for the girls to explore for clues, build a roaring fire in the fireplace, cover your furniture in cozy throws and keep the hot chocolate flowing. Don't worry if the scene isn't perfect; girls this age have an abundance of imagination to make up for any gaps.

Party Food

Detecting is hard work, and the girls will be hungry by the time the mystery is solved. If you want to continue the mystery theme, make or order multiple pizzas, each with different toppings. Blindfold each girl, ask her to taste a piece of pizza and see how many ingredients she can name. For dessert, provide a box or two of chocolates filled with everything from nuts to nougat to raspberry cream. Once again, blindfold the girls, have each bite into one of the tasty treats and identify what hers contains. Award small prizes to the winners of each game.

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