Must-See Beaches in the World

by Mary Barton
Visits to beaches renew the spirit and body.

Visits to beaches renew the spirit and body.

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Nature provides ideal environments to enjoy the summer months. Pristine sand, fresh sea breezes, lapping surf and the hot sun have enticed people to flock to the world's abundant beaches for centuries. Some of the most exquisite beaches might lie near you or are a mere airplane flight away for those who must see these beaches. Whether its good food, exotic fish or secluded islands, the world has a beach for you.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Just a half hour from Sydney, Australia, Bondi Beach offers a mile-long expanse of toe-warming sand rimmed by sparkling, deep blue water. In addition to plenty of "hot" restaurants, bars and amenities for tourists and locals alike, the beach offers access to a stunning cliff walk to nearby Bronte Beach. As a highly popular destination spot, the views and tanning are top-notch.

Catalina Island, United States

For the ultimate in snorkeling and kayaking, visit Catalina Island, located off the coast of California. Almost 90 percent of this island is a nature conservancy with 48 miles of pristine coastline. The only town on the island, Avalon, claims unique boutiques and little traffic without the high impact of California shopping malls and freeways. A true island getaway for those who relish getting back to nature.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Soft pink sand and shell-strewn beaches make Horseshoe Bay one of the most popular beaches in the world. Its 21-mile-long aquamarine water with coral reefs and exotic fish make it an ideal destination for snorkeling or diving. The island is loaded with tourist amenities and seafood specialties such as lobster, tuna, rockfish and fish chowders to delight the epicurean in all of us.

Corfu, Greece

Located in the Ionian Islands of Greece, Corfu Beach offers nature at its best. This secluded beach is rimmed with olive trees and giant craggy rocks. The nearby Corfu Trail takes explorers to villages, secluded monasteries and lush lakes. You have it all here when you visit other beaches reached through vineyards and succulent wooded areas. Visit Corfu to enjoy Greek culture at its best.

Kauai, Hawaii

For a different beach setting, visit Kauai, Hawaii. Poipu beach features lush tropical greenery in the form of banana trees and brightly colored ginger plants. This "Garden Isle" was featured in the movies "Jurassic Park" and "South Pacific." Poipu offers beachgoers three curved beaches, with the middle beach providing calm waters and the two side beaches featuring high surf. Kauai is an ideal location for your Hawaiian adventure.

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