Moving Help in Parachute, Colorado

by Kaye Nemec
Labeling moving boxes helps to expedite unpacking at your new home.

Labeling moving boxes helps to expedite unpacking at your new home.

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Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a move, often it is stressful and overwhelming. Finding the right people and equipment to aid in your move can provide enormous amounts of stress relief and save you generous amounts of time. Parachute, Colorado, and the cities surrounding it offer several services that will provide valuable help during your move.

Moving Companies

Hiring a moving company to help with a move in Parachute, Colorado, will save you from having to rent a truck, do all of the heavy lifting yourself and pay for gas and mileage. Jeff's Moving ( is the only moving company located in Parachute. They can be contacted via email or phone to discuss timing and pricing. About 45 minutes southwest of Parachute in Grand Junction, Colorado, there are several additional moving companies including; All Pro Moving (559 Sandhill Ln., Unit 202, Grand Junction; 970-254-1715), Mesa Systems Inc. ( and Bailey's Moving & Storage (

Truck Rental

There are no moving truck rental companies located directly in Parachute but there are options in surrounding cities. Budget Truck Rental ( is located 17 miles away in Rifle and they offer both cargo vans and various sizes of moving trucks. Twenty-eight miles away in Silt, moving truck rentals are available at U-Haul ( U-haul's fleet includes cargo vans, moving trucks and trailers.

Self Storage

Self storage centers are very helpful if your move requires you to move out of one residence before the new residence is available, or if your new residence is smaller than your previous one. In Parachute there are two self storage companies; Store-it-All (158 Cardinal Way, Parachute; 970-285-7095) and Saddleback Storage (121 Tamarisk Tr., Parachute; 970-285-2100). ‎


Another great way to find help with your move is to look for advertising on popular sites like They have a "services" section that allows you to look for specific services, or post an add listing which service you are requiring. Look for moving services in the Post Independent ( or post a classified ad in the paper listing what services you are in need of. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also good places for you to seek help with your move.

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