Moving Help in Chicago

by Tashema Lindsey

If you need assistance with a move to the Chicago area or within a Chicago community, hiring a moving helper is a smart way to go. Helpers can assist with loading, unloading, packing, cleaning and more. There are many reputable companies that can assist you in Chicago.

Hire A Helper

Hire A Helper ( is an online database of moving companies. The database matches helpers with those who need moving help in Chicago. Hire A Helper uses five simple steps. Search for local helpers by entering your zip code and selecting your move date. Learn about helpers who are available and read customer reviews. Compare prices among the helpers and select the one that is best for you. Book the helper online with a major credit card. When the helper has completed the job call Hire-A-Helper payment release line to pay the helper.


eMove (, a division of U-Haul, provides moving and storage help. eMove is an online database of helpers. Search customer reviews and compare prices among local helpers. Prices are displayed so there are no surprises. Select a helper and authorize payment using a major credit card. The helper contact information is displayed immediately. Payment is rendered via a payment code after the services have been completed to your satisfaction.

Angie's List

Angie's List ( is a word of mouth network for consumers needing service providers. Members pay a monthly fee to access the list of providers with customer ratings. Companies can not pay to be on the list. The list is checked and certified to prevent companies from reporting on themselves. You can find local helpers in Chicago and negotiate your own prices based on the reviews. After work has been completed, report back to Angie's list on your experience to keep the network active.


Chicago's Craigslist ( is a local classifieds and forums website. Postings are community moderated and largely free. Helpers can be found at the labor/move section under the "Services" category. Input a search word or review the postings for the right help. Because anyone can post to Craigslist, consumers need to watch for scams.

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