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by Lawrence Koenig
Utilize specialty services that cater to the needs people relocating to Alaska.

Utilize specialty services that cater to the needs people relocating to Alaska.

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If you have been assigned to or are realizing a dream of moving to the State of Alaska, then you have questions about the logistics of moving to wild north. Although there are many variables you will have to consider when moving to Alaska, you can narrow down your concerns by researching the options that will help you settle into your new environment with a minimal amount of fuss and logistical problems.

What to Bring

People who move to Alaska have to consider carefully what they will bring from the mainland, because transport can be expensive. Barge services out of the Pacific Northwest are one option. You could also sell most of your possessions and buy items on arrival, possibly from someone who is headed to the Lower 48. Look on for items that you can purchase once you arrive or post an ad in an Alaskan newspaper in order to find someone who is relocating.

Shipping Options

Renting or hiring a moving van to travel to Alaska might not be optimal, mostly because of weather conditions which will vary greatly by both the time of year in which you are moving. Overland conditions along the Great Alaskan Highway may be dangerous and impractical. Consider packing your car and having it shipped by a reliable company that is used to the driving conditions and will be responsible for any damages to your car. Wrightway Auto Carries is one such company that specializes in getting your things to Alaska without damage or the hassle of border crossings.


When moving to Alaska, research whether it is necessary for you to go through Canada. If you own firearms, it could be simpler to come by barge. If you go through Canada, every member of your family will be required to have a passport. Bring proof of your future residency in Alaska when crossing through Canada to show the authorities that you are not immigrating illegally to Canada. Barge lines, such as Alaska Marine Lines or Boyer Barge Lines, could transport your family and your belongings by sea .

Setting Up

When setting up in Alaska, talk to the locals in the area where you will live. Some areas will have problems with wildlife, including bears and elk. You will also need to prepare yourself for higher fuel bills because of the weather and the higher prices of fuel. After a year, you will qualify for the state's refund for residents, which helps offset the higher fuel prices. As with any other move, contact the local utilities, including the local oil supplier, to help you set up your utilities.

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