Which Movies Did Bill Murray Star In?

by Christopher John

A funny guy -- that might be the first description that comes to mind when thinking about Bill Murray. After all, he did get his start in the cast of Second City, an improvisational comedy troupe in Chicago, Illinois. Murray also performed on the sketch comedy series "Saturday Night Live" from 1977 to 1980. From there, he dove, funny-bone first, into a film career, even taking on some of his most well-known movie roles early on.

Popular Roles

This list of movie roles comprises the films that are almost synonymous with Murray's acting career. In 1980's "Caddyshack," Murray played Carl Spackler, a misguided golf course groundskeeper with questionably exotic ideas on how to get rid of a pesky gopher. Playing Dr. Peter Venkman in 1984's "Ghostbusters," as well as 1989's sequel, Murray joined fellow "Saturday Night Live" alumnus Dan Aykroyd and others. The comedian also played John in 1981's "Stripes," Phil in 1993's classic comedy "Groundhog Day," and Bob Harris in 2003's "Lost in Translation."

Late 70s and 80s

Beginning with an uncredited appearance in 1976's "Next Stop, Greenwich Village," Murray compiled a list of other performances. He closed out the seventies with the 1978 TV movie, "All You Need Is Cash," followed by 1979's "Meatballs" playing Tripper. His 80s movies include 1980's "Loose Shoes," 1982's "Tootsie," and "Nothing Lasts Forever" and "The Razor's Edge," both in 1984. Murray then appeared in "Little Shop of Horrors" in 1986 and "Scrooged" in 1988.

The 90s and Beyond

Murray's steam in movie parts continued rolling through the 1990s and continues on today. His roles have included "Quick Change" (1990); "What About Bob" (1991); "Mad Dog and Glory" (1993); "Ed Wood" (1994); "Kingpin" and "Larger Than Life" (1996); "The Man Who Knew Too Little" (1997); "Wild Things," "With Friends Like These" and "Rushmore" (1998); and "Cradle Will Rock" and the short "Scout's Honor" closed out 1999. His roles in the new century include "Hamlet" and "Charlie's Angels" (2000); "Osmosis Jones," "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Speaking of Sex" (2001); "Coffee and Cigarettes" (2003); "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" (2004); "Broken Flowers" and "The Lost City" (2005); "The Darjeeling Limited" (2007); "Get Smart" and "City of Ember" (2008); "The Limits of Control" and "Get Low" (2009); and "Passion Play" (2010).

Just the Voice

A selection of movies have featured the talents of only Murray's voice. These include "Shame of the Jungle" (1975), "B.C. Rock" (1980), "Garfield" (2004), "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties" (2006), and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009).

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