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"A Passage to India" Movie Summary

David Lean directed “A Passage to India,” a 1984 film based on the same-titled book written by British author E.M. Forster in 1924. This movie stars Judy Davis as Adela, who travels to India to visit her fiancé Ronny Heaslop. While on an expedition to see the “real India,” Adela is attacked by an Indian native. The British government accuses an Indian doctor who is innocent of the crime.

"A Time to Kill" Movie Summary

"A Time to Kill" is based on John Grisham's first book. The movie is set in Mississippi and follows the trial of Carl Lee Hailey, who is played by Samuel L. Jackson. Matthew McConaughey plays his lawyer, Jake Brigance, whose small-town law practice is floundering. Jake agrees to defend Carl Lee in a case that sparks racial tension and a renewal of the Ku Klux Klan, risking his family, his reputation and his life.

The Academy Award Nomination Process

Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has the responsibility of nominating the films they feel are worthy of Oscar gold. Any film that has come out during a particular year can be nominated for an Oscar, but only a few actually end up with nominations. Understanding how the nomination process works will make watching the Oscars a more entertaining experience.

Academy Award Nomination Requirements

The Academy Awards are given out every year; they are presented to the best films from the previous year. The ceremony that gives out the awards has been held every year since 1929. The awards, or "Oscars," are golden statuettes that are given to the award winners. A film must meet several requirements before it can be nominated for an Oscar.

The Differences Between Acting on Stage and for Films

Actors have their individual strengths, weaknesses and assets. Such differences can be key elements in whether or not they become successful and also whether or not they become actors for the stage or film or can adapt to either media. While there are actors who have been successful in both settings, the techniques required for stage and film acting are different and worth noting.

Actor Arthur Space's Biography

Arthur Space was an American actor who made appearances in more than 200 movies and television shows. Space was a character actor who could be called upon to play a number of different types of characters. Like many character actors, Space's face was likely more recognizable than his name. He is most famous for playing Doc Weaver in the "Lassie" TV series from 1955 to 1964.

About the Actor John Abraham

John Abraham is an Indian actor and one of Bollywood's most beloved heartthrobs. He started out his public career as a model but parlayed that into a successful film-acting career throughout the 2000s. Abraham has used his good looks and charm not only to find success in movies, but also to become one of India's most successful spokesmen for several brands.

About Actor Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been one of the leading men of India's Bollywood screen scene since the late 1980s. Throughout the years he has cultivated not only a successful onscreen career but has kept fans intrigued with his bachelor lifestyle and his reputation as a "bad boy."

What Is Actors' Blocking?

In theater, an actor only has to truly memorize two things: lines and blocking. The rest is analysis and experimentation. Lines are what an actor says on stage; blocking is where and how an actor moves onstage. Blocking is largely determined by the director and practiced and refined by actors during the rehearsal process.

How Actors Can Make Themselves Cry

Crying typically happens in a pivotal scene in a movie, TV show or live performance, as a character’s emotions finally get the best of her. Seeing a character cry makes members of the audience tear up too, which further draws in an audience to the story and the character’s struggle. Actors use a variety of techniques to get the water works going, and to deliver, what looks like to us, an authentic performance.

How Do Actors Communicate Their Message in Films?

An actor's whole being represents the instrument that he uses to communicate his message in films. While this stands true for live theater as well, some key differences between film and stage acting exist. These arise from the proximity of the actor to the camera in comparison to his closeness to a live audience. The actor employs the same tools for film acting, but uses them in a different degree than he would on stage.

The Actress Charlize Theron

Film buffs might best remember actress Charlize Theron for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie "Monster." The attractive actress abandoned her good looks and sweet charm to encompass the gritty character of Wuornos -- a move that won Theron an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. But before her rise to stardom, Theron faced familial struggles at home in South Africa, and later the plight of a Hollywood newcomer.

Actress Denise Richards' Roles

Denise Richards, who has appeared in a number of films and television shows, was born in 1971. She began her career as a model before making the transition to on-camera work in the 1986 music video "The Captain of Her Heart" by Double. Although Richards had 55 acting credits as of June 2011, shows she is known for her roles in ''Starship Troopers,'' ''The World is not Enough," ''Wild Things'' and ''Valentine.''

About Actress Gale Storm

Gale Storm was an actress who tried unsuccessfully for years to break into the Hollywood film industry before getting roles on television. She eventually landed her own television show in 1956 which transformed her into a well-known television actress. Storm also started her own Las Vegas nightclub, recording career and, later in her life, worked as an author and social advocate against alcohol abuse.

Alice in Wonderland Movie Information

"Alice in Wonderland" is an animated film, created and produced by the infamous Walt Disney, that captured the hearts of America in July of 1951. Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter combine efforts in the movie adapted from Lewis Carroll's literary works "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass."

What Was the Animation Process of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride"?

"Corpse Bride" is a dark comedy released by Warner Bros. in 2005. The film stars the voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Emily Watson and was directed by Tim Burton. As with some of Burton's other films, "Corpse Bride" uses stop-motion animation to make its characters come alive. Stop-motion is an intricate process with several steps.

"Atonement" Movie Plot Summary

"Atonement" is a drama based on the book with the same title by English writer Ian McEwan. Set in England in the 1930s, it tells how a child's misunderstandings and jealousies can have severe consequences. Briony Tallis, a 13-year-old aspiring writer, wrongly accuses her sister's lover of raping another girl. The accusation separates her sister and her lover, and it fills Briony with a remorse she never sheds.

"Bagong Buwan" Movie Plot

The Filipino movie "Bagong Buwan" deals with the unrest in Mindanao, a small area in the eastern Philippines. For centuries, Filipino Muslims have fought for religious freedom; during the rule of President Joseph Estrada, the government tried to quell the Muslim populous with one-sided peace treaties and government enforcements. "Bagong Buwan" follows the Muslim community's reaction to these unfair practices while exploring the true cost of war.

"Batman Returns" Movie Plot

In the original "Batman" movie, the Dark Knight contended with the Joker, who killed Bruce's parents when he was young. In "Batman Returns," Batman works overtime to thwart the evil schemes of a corrupt businessman, a feline femme fatale and an odd little sewage dweller known only as the Penguin.