About the Movie "Trucker"

by Timothy Sexton

"Trucker" is an independent film that was released in 2008. The film was distributed by Plum Pictures after being written and directed by James Mottern. "Trucker" is a contemporary example of a low-budget film, as the entire enterprise reportedly cost somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million. The low cost of "Trucker" definitely turned out to be a bonus, as the film wound up grossing just over $50,000.


Diane Ford is an 18-wheel truck driver living a life that is relatively free of responsibility until her 11-year-old son Peter shows up. She hasn't seen him since abandoning him as a baby. Peter is forced to live with his mother while his father battles cancer in a hospital. The story focuses on Diane and how she must face her past and the potential of giving up her carefree lifestyle. She also has to learn how to be a mother.


"Trucker" stars Michelle Monaghan as Diane and Benjamin Bratt as the father of her child. Jimmy Bennett plays Peter, while Nathan Fillion takes on the role of Diane's drinking buddy. Michelle Monaghan learned how to drive an 18-wheeler as preparation for her role as a trucker. She was not the first choice to play Diane, as Demi Moore was approached to play the character beforehand.

Running Time and Rating

This film has a running time of 90 minutes. "Trucker" received an "R" rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. The rating was given in response to the film's adult language, scenes showing characters using drugs and sexuality.

Theatrical Release

The world premiere of "Trucker" occurred at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. The movie made its theatrical premiere on October 9, 2009. Its initial release was limited to theaters in six states, including New York and Illinois. "Trucker" was released in several other states over the succeeding weeks.


Even though it wasn't nominated for any Academy Awards, "Trucker" did manage to win the bulk of movie awards for which it was nominated. Among those awards are honors collected for Mottern and Monaghan at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, the Woods Hole Film Festival and from the San Diego Film Critics Society. Monaghan received a Best Actress Award from the San Diego critics, while Mottern took home Best First Time Director and Best Narrative Feature Film at Ft. Lauderdale and Woods Hole, respectively.

Critical Reaction

Critical reaction to "Trucker" was mixed. The film has a rating of 58 percent at Rotten Tomatoes as of June 2011, meaning just 58 percent of critics gave the film a positive review.

DVD Release

The DVD for "Trucker" was released in January 2010. Extras include the theatrical trailer for the movie and a slideshow presentation showing how Michelle Monaghan prepared for her role as a truck driver.

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