Movie Themes for the Prom

by Lauren Griffin
Hop in a limo, and head to a movie-themed prom.

Hop in a limo, and head to a movie-themed prom.

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For many teens, prom is an event they've dreamt about for a very long time. A movie-themed prom will make high schoolers feel like celebrities on their special night. With a special movie theme, great decorations and attentive details, prom is sure to be a memorable, glamorous event.


Rather than picking a specific movie, treat high schoolers to a glamorous prom inspired by the center of American films: Hollywood. Students arriving at prom walk down a luscious red carpet and have their pictures taken by proud parents. Line the entryway to the ballroom in stars modeled after the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, but featuring the names of students instead of movie stars. Beautiful decorations, gourmet food and a live band will make prom goers feel like celebrities in Hollywood.

Alice in Wonderland

The amazing world of Wonderland serves as a magical inspiration for prom. Decorate the ballroom in whimsical decorations, such as fake trees, colorful lanterns and large cardboard playing cards. Adorn the tables in brightly patterned tablecloths topped with dazzling floral centerpieces and stacks of teacups. Label adorable petit fors and bottles of colorful sodas, such as grape or cherry, with "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" to give diners a taste of Wonderland.


With the popularity of the "Twilight" series, "Harry Potter" and other similar movies, a fantasy-themed prom is sure to be a hit among high schoolers. While you can adapt any space with decorations, a castle or large stone building will help set the tone for an evening of fantasy. Decorate the venue with strings of white lights to look like stars, large trees to create a forest and a few cardboard cutouts of Harry Potter or Edward from "Twilight." Serve up food and beverages inspired by the films, such as werewolf decorated cupcakes, treacle tart, pretzel stick "wizard wands" and butter beer. Centerpieces with glowing candelabras will set the ambiance.

Fairy Tale

For high schoolers who have been dreaming about it for years, prom can feel like a fairy tale. Capture the excitement of this special event with a fairy tale-themed prom. Invite attendees to dress up as a character from their favorite fairy tale film, such as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" or Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty." Even girls who opt not to mirror a look from a movie will feel like royalty when outfitted with a crown and sash at the door. Elegant decorations, such as candles and beautiful floral centerpieces, will make the event a lovely affair fit for princes and princesses.

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