Movie Theme Party Ideas for a Baby

by Kate Bradley
A tasty cake will help make the party a success.

A tasty cake will help make the party a success.

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Your baby may not be old enough to appreciate classic films, but that shouldn't keep you from throwing her a movie theme party fit for a Hollywood celebrity. Incorporate her favorite movies into the decor and refreshments, invite her favorite playmates and celebrate all afternoon.

Costumes and Props

Let the little guests and even their parents dress up like some of their favorite movie characters. When guests arrive, give them a green headband with tube-shaped ears - just like Shrek. Give them a mini black cloak and a candy wand to become little Harry Potters. Give the girls long blond wigs and the little boys a toy stick pony to ride around on, just like the characters in "Tangled."


Serve ice cream cake decorated to look like a film reel or have a personalized cupcake made for each guest. Use icing to create a clapboard on each cupcake, then write each guest's name on the clapboard. Pass out sippy cups with a choice of soda, fruit juice or water. Serve finger foods that are easy for both busy adults and babies to eat, such as tiny crackers and cheese slices.


Pick some of your child's favorite movies and hang the movie posters on the walls. Set up a big-screen TV and play different kid-friendly DVDs throughout the party. For a specific movie theme, such as "Aladdin," set up cardboard cutouts throughout the party. Take pictures of the guests posing beside the cutouts. Lay out a long red carpet on the floor and cheer as each guest walks or is carried down it, just like they do at the Oscars.


Have each little guest dance with his mom or dad in a dance competition. Everyone wins, so pass out tiny Oscar trophies and give everyone a big round of applause. Lead the guests in a sing-along of movie songs, such as "Under the Sea" from "The Little Mermaid." Get out your movie camera and tell the kids you're making your own movie. Have each child perform for the camera, then make DVDs of the movie as party favors. When guests get tired, have everyone sit in a circle and watch a movie. Pass out acid-free markers and let guests color in Disney coloring books.

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