Movie Theme Party Ideas for Adults

by Kathryn Walsh
Serve food and drinks named after movies and characters.

Serve food and drinks named after movies and characters.

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Any get-together with your friends can be fun, but a theme party is sure to be memorable. Not all of your friends will be willing to dress up like cowboys or flappers, but a movie -hemed costume is easier to pull off and will appeal to just about everyone. After all, anyone who doesn't love movies is probably living under a rock, and you shouldn't invite him to your party anyway.

'80s Movies

Adults who lived through the 1980s will get a kick out of reliving classic movies from their earlier years. Have guests come dressed as characters from '80s movies such as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" or "Back to the Future." Everyone will have a blast trying to identify each other's costumes and quoting movie lines to one another. Play music from '80s movie soundtracks so guests can show off their totally tubular dance skills.


Just because adults can't go trick-or-treating doesn't mean they have to stay home on Halloween. Use scary movies as the inspiration for a Halloween party. Set up televisions playing horror movies in each room, and ask each guest to come dressed as his favorite scary movie character. You may end up with several Freddy Kruegers, a few Draculas and a handful of sorority girls who always get killed before the opening credits. Award prizes at the end of the party for best costume.


Between Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Catwoman and a dozen others, you could invite 30 people to a superhero movie party without anyone showing up in the same costume. Since most movie superheroes have a sidekick, this theme works well for a couples' party. Set up games such as ping pong, darts and board games throughout the party. When guests arrive, rival superheroes can face off against one another to find out once and for all who is the greatest hero of them all.

Favorite Movies

Give guests some creative license by asking them to wear costumes based on characters from their favorite movies. Use a general movie theme to decorate the party room by cutting film reels and movie cameras out of cardboard and hanging a movie posters throughout the room. When guests arrive, challenge them to speak and act like their characters all night. Watching Scarlett O'Hara hold a conversation with Han Solo is sure to keep everyone entertained.

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