What Is the Movie "The Vow" About?

by Heather Bieber
The film

The film "The Vow" tells the story of true and devout love.

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"The Vow" is a romantic drama based on a true-life love story of an enduring husband's devotion to his new bride. Michael Sucsy, director of HBO's "Grey Gardens," directs the tearjerker set for release in February 2012, just in time for Valentine's Day.


"The Vow" is based on the autobiographical book co-written by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The film follows the story of the newlywed couple, Paige and Leo. A devastating accident leaves Paige with massive head injuries and places her in a coma for weeks. When the young newlywed finally comes to, she has no recent memories, either of her marriage or of her husband, Leo. It is up to Leo to woo her and to win her heart one more time.


Rachel McAdams ("Sherlock Holmes" and "Midnight in Paris") stars as Paige, the young bride and coma victim struggling to rebuild her identity. Channing Tatum ("Dear John" and "Fighting") portrays Leo, the husband trying to rekindle her love. The film, directed and co-written by Michael Sucsy, also co-stars acting veterans Sam Neill and Jessica Lange, as well as Scott Speedman and Wendy Crewson. "Variety" reports filming took place in Chicago and Toronto in August 2010.

Real Life Love Story

Two months after their marriage in 1993, a speeding pickup on Interstate 40 hit Kim and Krickitt Carpenter's vehicle from behind. Their story, "The Vow: The Kim and Krickett Carpenter Story," reconstructs their lives and marriage after the accident. From an interview with "People" magazine, Krickitt Carpenter said, "I don't have a visual memory in my head, and I have no memory in my heart." Kim reluctantly had to leave his wife's side with very little hope about their future, to continue working in Las Vegas, New Mexico, to keep up with rising hospital bills. "I honestly didn't think our marriage would work," Kim told "People." "I made a vow before God, 'until death do you part.'" With time and much determination Kim won back Krickitt, who fell in love with him all over again.

Happy Endings

Five months after the accident and much rehabilitation, doctors decided Krickitt Carpenter should go home to be with her husband. She moved in with Kim and eventually re-acquainted herself with her husband. After getting back to life, Krickitt began working part-time as an exercise specialist in a fitness and wellness center. Today, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter still reside in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Their story garnered attention from "People" magazine, "Reader's Digest," "The Los Angeles Times" and "The New York Times." "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Dateline," CNN and even MTV featured the Carpenters' enduring story.

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