Facts on the Movie "The Haunting in Connecticut"

by Megan Kelly
Some of the details in the movie were embellished for entertainment purposes.

Some of the details in the movie were embellished for entertainment purposes.

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"The Haunting in Connecticut" is a feature-length film based on events that happened in Connecticut in the 1980s. The film was directed by Peter Cornwell and came out in 2009. As is true with many entertainment films based upon actual events, some of the details in the movie were embellished and did not reflect the true nature of the haunting. One of the people who investigated the actual events, Lorraine Warren, discussed the actual happenings in the haunted home in Connecticut with NBC Connecticut.

The Home

The actual time period of the haunting in the Connecticut house was during the 1980s. The Snedekers, known as the Campbells in the movie, was the family that moved into the home. The family moved into the home on Meridan Avenue in Southington, Connecticut, so that their son could be treated for cancer as an outpatient at the University of Connecticut. According to Lorraine Warren, one of the two investigators who worked on the case with the Snedekers, the home had been previously used as a funeral home, which the family was unaware of when they signed on to rent the home. Warren states that the morticians of the funeral home had allegedly participated in acts of necrophilia.


The rooms that the children slept in had been used as show rooms for the coffins in the funeral home. Bodies were prepared for viewing in a room just down the hall from the children's rooms. Warren reports that the children started reporting noises of coffins being dragged by chains up the stairs. The niece of the Snedekers reported that a sheet on her bed began to levitate over her body as she lay in bed. Warren also reports that as she was on the phone with the mother, the beads of the mother's rosary began to fall off the rosary to the floor.


Lorraine and her husband Ed visited the Snedekers with a parish priest and attempted to bless the home. Lorraine reports that the blessing did not help with the situation and did not relieve the signs of the haunting. When the Warrens called for a visit from two priests from Hartford to come and perform mass in the home, Ed began having severe heart palpitations and the ritual was stopped. Soon after this event, both of the priests wrote to the bishop in Hartford calling for an exorcism, though neither agreed to perform it.

The Exorcism

The church in Hartford sent an exorcist to the Snedekers' home and Warren reports that the exorcism helped to relieve the signs of the haunting the home. During the exorcism, a tree in the front yard of the home broke in half and fell onto the property without any provocation from wind or inclement weather. The Snedekers moved out of the home shortly after the exorcism was performed.

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