Movie Synopsis for "Getting Lucky"

by Ginger Yapp

"Getting Lucky" -- a teen sex comedy from director Michael Paul Girard and B-movie behemoth Troma Entertainment -- was not exactly greeted by the best reviews when it premiered in 1990. The film, which stars Steven Cooke and Lezlie Z. McCraw, follows the grotesquely comic misadventures of a high school nerd whose luck begins to change when he meets a leprechaun.

Not Cool in School

"Getting Lucky" revolves around protagonist Bill Higgins, a naive do-gooder without a shred of social skills. Looking to add to his list of extracurricular activities for his college applications, Bill joins the basketball team as the towel boy, where he is subjected to extreme hazing and humiliation. He lusts for cheerleader Krissi Chackler from afar, who is too busy for much of the film making out with Tony Chanuka, the archetypal jock jerk, to notice that he exists.

The Magic Leprechaun

Bill's luck changes when he stumbles upon a magic beer bottle hiding an alcoholic leprechaun -- creatively given the name Lepky -- who grants him three wishes. Unfortunately, Lepky is the worst leprechaun ever; for instance, Bill's wish for a red Ferrari lands him a red, beat-up Ford Pinto. It seems as if Bill won't get much from his wishes until fate intervenes and he gives Krissi a ride home from a date gone wrong with Tony. Somehow, Krissi decides she is in love with Bill.

Tony's Revenge

Tony is none too happy with the news that the object of his desire is dating Bill; Tony attempts to have his gang of jock friends beat him up. Lepky seeks vengeance on Tony; this ends with a rather unfortunate and tasteless accident to Tony. Tony is so enraged that he goes to Krissi's house with the intent to sexually assault her; Lepky intervenes again and Tony winds up in jail.

Tony Strikes Back

Once Lepky has managed to improve his magic, granting Bill his wishes and giving him a happily-ever-after-type ending -- Bill and Krissi get married -- Bill decides to mail Lepky back to his home in Ireland. Unfortunately, Tony then breaks out of jail and kidnaps Krissi. Bill is forced to chase Krissi and Tony down; he fights Tony with shish kabob sticks, and Tony is knocked out by a beehive to the head.