Movie Summary of "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"

by Jena Ross

Set in Ireland, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" is a Disney classics. Darby, played by Albert Sharpe, must be strong when he loses his job to a handsome new caretaker, keep his wits about him as he comes face to face with the leprechaun king and try to save his daughter from ending up in the Death Coach.

Losing his Job

Darby O'Gill is happy and comfortable in his life; he has his job as a caretaker and adores his daughter Katie. When Lord Fitzpatrick replaces Darby with a younger, more handsome man, Darby's world begins to spin. Michael, played by Sean Connery, needs the new job but is unaware of the role he will later play in Darby's life.

Darby Meets the Leprechaun King

Devastated by the loss of his job, Darby reluctantly heads home. He is concerned about what to say to his daughter, Katie, played by Janet Munroe. However, Darby never makes it home, as King Brian the leprechaun king, played by Jimmy O'Dea, has plans for Darby and causes Darby to fall down into the leprechaun kingdom. Suddenly, Darby realizes that all those old Irish tales are true.

Darby Escapes from Leprechaun Kingdom

King Brian only wants to help Darby from the embarrassment of revealing to his daughter that he has lost his job, yet Darby has other plans and makes a bold escape. With King Brian hot on his tail, Darby unknowingly forces King Brian to remain outside the leprechaun kingdom until dawn breaks. Darby gains three wishes as a result and decides to make the most of them by wishing for Katie's marriage to the handsome Michael.

Michael and Katie

What Darby does not realize is that Michael is already falling in love with Katie and no amount of leprechaun magic can change this fact. In a last act of love, Darby offers himself as a sacrifice to the Death Coach when Katie becomes terribly ill, but King Brian steps in and proves that leprechauns are good-natured jokers who mean only well towards people who fall into their kingdom.

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