What Is the Movie "Skinwalkers" About?

by Noel Shankel

"Skinwalkers" was less than successful at the box office.

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Released on Aug 10, 2007, in the United States, "Skinwalkers" tells the tale of feuding werewolf gangs caught in a moral war. Directed by James Isaac from a script written by James DeMonaco, Todd Harthan and James Roday, the film was both a commercial and critical failure. However, those interested in everything werewolf may get a kick out of it.

The Basic Plot

"Skinwalkers" centers on two packs of werewolves, one good and one evil. The good pack is aware that being a werewolf is a curse, and they place their faith in Timothy (Matthew Knight) a child on the verge of turning 13. According to an ancient prophecy, once Timothy turns 13, he will have the power to end the werewolf curse. Timothy is known as a half-blood -- half werewolf and half human. However, the evil werewolves -- led by Varek (Jason Behr) -- have no desire to have the curse lifted, preferring to remain werewolves and kill all those around them.

Timothy's Family

Under the impression that his father is dead, Timothy is raised by his mother Rachel (Rhona Mitra), his grandmother Nana (Barbara Gordon), his uncle Jonas (Elias Koteas), his cousin Katherine (Sarah Carter) and her boyfriend Adam (Shawn Roberts). Timothy's family is well aware that only Timothy can bring an end to the werewolf curse, and thus have made it their goal to protect him until he turns 13. Throughout the film, Varek and his evil motorcycle riding gang of werewolves attempt to hunt down and kill Timothy. Some family members (spoiler alert) sacrifice themselves to protect Timothy, including his grandmother Nana.

Revelations (Spoiler Alert)

For a good portion of the film, Timothy is under the impression that his father has passed away. However, it is later revealed that his real father is Varek -- leader of the evil werewolves. Varek's real name is Caleb and he was transformed into a werewolf after being forced to feast upon human beings. Towards the end of the film, it is revealed that Timothy's blood is the cure to the werewolf curse. His blood is placed into bullets -- to shoot those who do not want to be normal again -- and given out freely to those who do.

Critical Reaction

"Skinwalkers" had a hard time scaring up much interest at the box office, earning only $753,520 during its opening weekend and only $1,018,965 during its entire theatrical run in the United States. Jeannatte Catsoulis of the New York Times referred to the movie as a "slavering mess," stating that the film only achieves confusion instead of terror. "Skinwalkers" has a low 14 percent "fresh" rating on Rottentomatoes.com, a clear indication that critics were not impressed.

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