What Is the Movie "Prophecy" About?

by Harrison Pennybaker

"The Prophecy" was released in 1995. The horror film stars Christopher Walker, Virginia Madsen and Elias Koteas. The plot centers on an archangel -- Walken -- who returns to Earth in search of a dangerous evil soul. A police detective, Thomas Dagget -- Koteas -- gets caught in the middle of the fight between the archangel and the evil one he has come to find.

Prologue and Visit

As the film begins, Dagget is about to be ordained as a priest but recoils as he is stricken with visions of angels at war. Later, Dagget is seen as a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, having left the church. At the same time, two angels come to Earth. Simon comes to warn Dagget of what is to come while Uziel attempts to kill him. Uziel, however, is killed in the process and brought to the medical examiner.

Uziel's Body

The medical examiner tells Dagget that Uziel's body is not normal, it does not resemble that of a human at all. Also, an ancient Bible is found on the body with a missing chapter from the Book of Revelations. Part of the chapter includes the prophecy that a "dark soul" will come to Earth and threaten it. At the same time, the Archangel Gabriel arrives in search of that dark soul and destroys Uziel's body.

Dagget Meets Gabriel

Dagget finds the destroyed body of Uziel and sets off in search of answers. He discovers the apartment of recently-deceased Korean War veteran Col. Arnold Hawthorne, who had been accused of war crimes. After finding evidence of Hawthorne's crimes -- human faces he kept in a box -- Dagget goes to a church, where he is met by Gabriel. Meanwhile, a young girl, Mary, has been possessed and her condition is worsening.

Lucifer vs. Gabriel

A small group tries to carry out an exorcism on Mary. At that time, Lucifer, played by Viggo Mortensen, appears to warn that Gabriel is actually carrying out a war against God in an attempt to overthrow heaven by using Hawthorne's soul. Dagget attempts to stop Gabriel, eventually resorting to striking him repeatedly with a tire iron. Soon after, Gabriel awakes, and is confronted by Lucifer. Gabriel is attacked by Lucifer, who tears out Gabriel's heart and ends the archangel's war.