The Movie Plot of "Poseidon"

by Rob Kemmett

Released in 2006, "Poseidon" is a remake of the classic 1972 movie "The Poseidon Adventure." It stars Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss and Emmy Rossum. "Poseidon" centers around a large cruise ship carrying over 2,000 passengers who are celebrating New Year's Eve in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Disaster strikes when a 100-foot wave topples the ship and flips it upside down.

All Aboard

It is New Year's Eve, and over 2,000 people are awaiting to board "Poseidon," a large cruise ship headed for the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Captain Michael Bradford (Andre Braugher) delivers a "bon voyage" speech before introducing the guest singer, Gloria (Stacy Ferguson), who begins the night's festivities with a song. Guests board the ship and prepare for a night they will never forget.

Heading Out

Former New York City mayor Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell) is on the guest list, as are his daughter, Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) and her fiancé, Christian (Mike Vogel). Richard Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss) is an architect, Dylan (Josh Lucas) is a professional gambler and Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) is a single mother aboard the ship with her son, Connor (Jimmy Bennett). Everybody gets acquainted as the ship leaves shore.

The Wave

Off in the distance, an unforeseen enemy is approaching -- an 100-foot wave. The wave was undetected by the captain and his crew, so the guests had no time to brace for impact. The gigantic wave crashes into the ship and turns it upside down. The passengers are now in survival mode.

Coping with Disaster

The ship was strong enough to survive the impact, but not without taking some serious damage. Some people died, but many are still alive. Once the initial shock of the disaster sinks in, the passengers begin to accept the reality of the situation and start making plans for survival. The friendships that formed prove to be beneficial, as groups begin to form. Each group has its own idea as to how to handle the situation.


Some passengers listen to the captain, who informs the passengers to stay put since a GPS tracking system has been initiated and help is on the way. Other passengers, including Dylan, Robert and Maggie, disagree with the captain and feel that the ship's emergency thrusters are the key to survival. The small group of passengers head toward the bow, where the thrusters are.

Time is Running Out

Water begins to rush in through the cracks and holes in the ship's hull. Each room, no matter how large or small, begins filling with water. The group of Dylan, Robert, Maggie and others navigate through the inside of the ship. They risk their lives, and the lives of others, as they swim as fast as they can to reach the thrusters, opening all of the hatches along the way.

Water Under the Bridge

The group finally reaches the emergency thrusters and turns them on, but the ship is nearly submerged. The water begins rushing in faster and faster and starts to sweep the group toward the ship's propellers. Dylan finds a nitrous tank and throws it toward the propellers, which causes an explosion. Robert appears with a large inflatable raft, and the group jumps aboard. They fire a flare gun into the air as the ship finally submerges beneath the surface of the water.

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