Movie Plot of "Killers" With Katherine Heigl

by Leah Waldron-Gross Google

Released in June 2010 and directed by Robert Luketic, "Killers" stars Ashton Kutcher as Spencer, a covert assassin who is trying to hide his deadly occupation from his new wife, Jen, played by Katherine Heigl. A box office and critical flop, "Killers" won Kutcher a Razzie award for Worst Actor and brought in only $47 million of its estimated $75 million budget.


"Killers" has a star-studded cast, despite its weak box office draw. Jen's parents are played by Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara, while Martin Mull makes an appearance as Spencer's boss. Other stars include Katheryn Winnick as Spencer's secretary and Rob Riggle as his co-worker. Kevin Sussman, Lisa Ann Walter and Casey Wilson also make appearances. Director Robert Luketic is best known for his work on the romantic comedy "Legally Blonde."

Nice, France

"Killers" opens in Nice, France, where Spencer is staying at a waterside hotel to run a covert underwater assassin operation. Recently heartbroken, Jen also is staying with her parents at the hotel, where she meets a topless Spencer in the hotel elevator. Jen agrees to go on a date with Spencer in a quintessential Nice cafe. After drinking, Spencer admits he is an assassin, but Jen has passed out and does not hear him. Spencer professes his love nonetheless.

Three Years Later

Jen and Spencer quickly marry. Three years later, Jen still is unaware of Spencer's profession and suggests a three-year anniversary vacation to Nice. Spencer is wary of going back to a country where he might be wanted, which causes doubt in Jen's mind about his interest in the marriage. Meanwhile, Jen's dad has become suspicious of Spencer's outside life when he finds a postcard from Spencer's boss with a XXOX code -- which he mistakenly assumes is code for kisses and hugs.


Worried about their relationship, Jen comes back to their apartment unexpectedly, only to find Spencer wrestling with a co-worker for a gun. Jen saves Spencer by shooting the man, who then tells them there is a $20 million bounty on Spencer. This unleashes a chain of events in which Spencer must confess his occupation to a harrowed Jen, who reveals she is pregnant. The couple must run from snipers, co-workers and other hired assassins, all while Jen is awkwardly picking up assassin moves. Jen's mother is taken hostage, and Jen and Spencer must unite to save her -- and their marriage. In a surprise twist, Jen's father arrives at the rescue attempt with some news of his own.