Movie Plot for "Blackbeard the Pirate"

by Danny Djeljosevic

The 1952 RKO film "Blackbeard the Pirate" uses the real-life pirate Blackbeard as the basis for an adventure story involving high-seas battles and a love interest. Directed by Raoul Walsh, the cast of the film includes Robert Newton as Blackbeard, Kieth Andes as Robert Maynard, Linda Darnell as Edwina and Torin Thatcher as Sir Henry Morgan.

Aboard Blackbeard's Ship

Under the orders of the governor of Jamaica, Robert Maynard and Briggs sneak on the ship of Charles Bellamy, a man suspected of being in cahoots with a pirate named Sir Henry Morgan. However, once aboard, they find that Blackbeard the pirate killed Bellamy and has assumed the role of the ship's captain, with plans to lure Morgan into a trap by using Bellamy's beloved Edwina as bait. Maynard, under the guise of a surgeon, operates on Blackbeard to take out a bullet lodged in his neck. Maynard later sneaks into his room and steals the captain's log that will prove that Bellamy was engaging in piracy.

Edwina's Treasure

A pirate attacks Edwina, but Maynard comes to the rescue and kills him, prompting Edwina to recount her tale. After stealing treasure from Morgan, Edwina decided to marry Bellamy as a form of escape. Blackbeard, knowing about the treasure, gets Edwina's servant drunk, causing her to blurt out the location of the treasure, which Blackbeard then takes. Maynard creates a hole in the ship, causing it to take on water and allowing Briggs to escape with the evidence of Bellamy's crimes. Blackbeard escapes the sinking ship with his crew.

Buried Treasure

The crew escapes to an island where Blackbeard and his first mate agree to bury the treasure on the island. They order Maynard and a fellow crewman to dig a hole, and Blackbeard shoots the other crewman after Maynard and the first mate leave to attend to an emergency. Blackbeard hides the treasure elsewhere, filling the hole that has become the sailor's grave to fool the other pirates.

Battle with Morgan

Morgan's forces arrive at the island, Blackbeard attacks, Maynard rescues Edwina and Blackbeard kills a hermit and dresses him up in his own clothes to trick Morgan. Despite beating Blackbeard's men and taking Edwina as well as the pirates' ship, Morgan falls for Blackbeard's ruse.

Escape From Morgan

Back in society, Maynard finds out that Morgan has taken power in the city and arrested the governor. Maynard and Edwina attempt to escape on Blackbeard's captured ship, only to find that Blackbeard and his men have taken it back. Morgan gives chase, but relents once he realizes that Blackbeard has Edwina all tied up.

Back to the Island

Blackbeard's first mate leads a mutiny in order to get the treasure for themselves. They go to the island and find no treasure where he thought it was buried, but soon finds it where Blackbeard had left it. When they return to the ship, Blackbeard shoots his first mate, and his crew responds with their own attack, which ends with a wounded Blackbeard buried up to his head so that the tide will finish him off. Maynard escapes with Edwina in a rowboat.

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