Movie Night Party Theme Crafts

by Emma Rensch
Be the star of the show at the movie night party.

Be the star of the show at the movie night party.

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Friends and family often gather together for a movie night to share old and beloved films or enjoy new ones together. Make your movie night festive and creative by introducing craft projects for your guests to enjoy. By making crafts together, you can make your event interactive, memorable, and fun for everyone in attendance.

Walk of Fame Stars

Give a shout out to the Hollywood stars who grace your screen during movie night by making your own Hollywood walk of fame stars. Purchase red construction paper and trace large star shapes on each sheet in pencil. Guests can cut out the stars and write their names on the paper. Provide colorful markers or glitter pens so participants can create glamorous designs. Children can enjoy this craft by putting handprints on their stars or using finger paints to decorate them.

Movie Star Collage

Make your living room comfortable with piles of blankets and pillows and bowls of popcorn. But don't forget celebrity magazines, scissors, glue and poster paper. Together you and your guests can cut movie stars out of old fashion or entertainment magazines and paste them together in a creative collage. Everyone can include their favorite celebrity, and you can even add speech bubbles above stars' heads for an element of humor. At the end of the night, let a guest keep the poster collage to hang in his bedroom. This activity is ideal for teen movie parties.

Red Carpet Photo Decoration

This interactive craft activity lets you and your guests join your favorite stars and become Hollywood celebrities. Create a mock red carpet by spreading a blanket on the floor or finding some red scrap material. Guests can strut down the carpet while the rest of the attendees take turns acting as the paparazzi and snapping photos. Strike a Hollywood pose at the end of the carpet as if you were attending an awards ceremony. Play classic movies in the background for guests who are not being photographed at that moment to enjoy. Use a Polaroid camera, and purchase small picture frames so guests can frame their photos. Bring felt markers for guests to sign their photos as if they were celebrities, and provide stickers, glitter pens and glue-on decorations such as plastic gems and feathers for guests to decorate their frames.

Make Bookmarks

Provide your guests with art supplies and old magazines to cut up, as well as strips of firm paper or cardboard cut into the shapes of bookmarks. You can cut up cereal boxes to make the bookmarks, and decorate them with glue-on feathers, stickers, glitter and craft paper. Don't forget to write quotes from your favorite movies or include photos of your favorite stars. At the end of the night, guests will leave with a useful memento of a great movie night.


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